Oct 26, 2021

How to Design Your Condo with Modern Furniture

Summary: With increasing demands on our time and living space, designing a condo with modern furniture can be difficult. Learn how to identify your style and taste along with your budget to decorate your condominium in the best way possible.

Do you need advice on how to best search for the best modern condo furniture in Toronto? Well, you have arrived at the right place. Here, you will get all the latest information, including bedroom furniture, and a simple guide to decorating your condo from scratch. 



Whether you are new to furnishing a condo or experienced, searching for furniture for small spaces can be difficult. And if you’re planning to experiment with your interior’s styling to fit your modern and sleek furniture into a smaller space, the task becomes even more of a challenge. 

With increasingly small spaces, especially in large cities, learning how to design and decorate a condo with modern furniture is even more essential. And even if you are looking for the best bedroom furniture in Toronto, here you will get information about that as well. 


How To Design Your Condo in a Modern Way from Scratch

Are you into minimalism style-wise, or do you prefer a bohemian vibe? Planning and designing your interiors are never easy. Indeed, it requires a lot of patience. But you don’t need to panic. Instead, keep reading to discover how it’s done.


  1. Identify your style

First, start by taking measurements to confirm if your chosen furniture will fit. Keep this scale in mind. 


Decorating a space from scratch holds many possibilities, but can feel overwhelming as well. Whether looking for bedroom furniture in Toronto or modern condo furniture, you must identify your style and taste so that you can plan accordingly. Initially, it may seem challenging to achieve this vibe, but you will find the answer once you learn how to strategize. Before you start your furniture search, here is a list of trending interior design styles that you can swear by: 

  1. Modern 

  2. Contemporary 

  3. Mid-century 

  4. Art modern 

  5. Minimalist 

  6. Scandinavian 

  7. Eclectic 

  8. Shabby chic 

If you want to know more to identify your style preference, click here


2.       Concentrate on the focal point

After understanding your design style, you have to decide on your condo’s focal point. Does it have a gorgeous antique fireplace or a royal blue sofa that’s stealing attention? Or do you want to have a patterned feature wall that reflects your style? Deciding on a home’s centrepiece is essential in smaller spaces like an open-concept condo. You can see it from multiple areas and it will impact everything from the colour scheme you choose to the overall furniture layout. 


3.       Design the space in smaller sections

The idea that “less is more” also applies to modern condo furniture. Instead of going extravagant, look for smaller, more efficient pieces to give your condo a larger feel. You can start by considering each portion of your apartment, like the entrance, living room, kitchen, and bedroom, and listing the major pieces you’ll need for each. While searching for bedroom furniture in Toronto, plan strategically so you don’t have to compromise your comfort for space. 

Plan for other sections as well. For example, instead of having a dining room table, you can use modern bar stools at a kitchen counter. This is not only trendy but will also save you a lot of space. Or, instead of a giant sofa, you can use various comfortable chairs. These are easily portable and will help you to create a unique look. 


4. Plan the final look

Now it’s time for execution. Avoid over-stuffing. Think about the purpose of the furniture; this will help you cut the guesswork once you are done with the final planning and placed your furniture orders. Now it is time to bring the look together. 


Designing your condo’s look is a gradual process that demands more attention than just randomly ordering furniture. Therefore, your priority should be to stick with the essentials first; then add in other pieces later on. Be true to your style, be authentic, and strategize beforehand to decorate your condo with modern furniture.  


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