Oct 26, 2021

How to Use Current Curtain & Drapery Trends for Your Home Office

Summary: Do you want the best curtains and drapes for your home office? To get an idea about how to decorate this important space, look at current window treatments. In this post, you will learn how popular design trends enhance the beauty of your home office.

Do you have a home office setup? Then why not find drapes and curtains that complement it? They should also be practical as most work-from-home setups are in the kitchen, living room, or bedroom.

To create a workspace that is a little different from other parts of your home, like your living room or bedroom, take a look at current curtain and drapery trends. This can give you some idea of how to choose drapes and curtains for your home office space. Employ a design that helps you concentrate and makes you more productive.

Let’s look into some ideas on how to incorporate recent drapery and curtain trends into your home office. 

Ideas for Drapes and Curtains for Your Home Office

Here are some home office curtain and drapery ideas

  1. Modern Design

Have you transformed an unused space into a makeshift office? Consider placing a small desk in front of a window and use an airy linen curtain to make it a focal point of the room. If you do not like sunlight when you work, add a layer of cotton or silk drapery to the curtain.

Drapes and curtains in saturated tones such as browns, blues, and greens are trending as they look great with pastel, beige, or sand-coloured wallpaper. They also offer a refreshing effect to the room.

Prints from the ’80s are still popular such as florals, futuristic drawings, and geometric patterns. But that does mean natural prints such as animal and plant images are any less relevant.

  1. Minimalistic Design 

Create a minimalistic design in your home office with wave pleat curtains as they look simple yet elegant. These are most suited to large windows. If you appreciate window coverings with a clean line then look no further than this option.

If you are using your bedroom as your office space, it is best to use gathered drapes to separate both spaces. By using a rod, the process of installing drapes becomes easy and there is no need to compromise on privacy. 

A blackout curtain is also a great option as it blocks out light completely and gives you privacy. In addition, it separates the home office from other spaces, whether it is your bedroom or living room.

  1. Luxurious Design 

Want your home office to have a luxurious finish? Choose balloon drapes in pastel colours as this is a classic option and looks great in a spacious room such as the bedroom or living room.  

Goblet pleat curtains create a similar effect to a wine glass with their design. They are ideal for a home office space with a high ceiling. If there is a separate space like a study at your disposal, pick this option.

  1. Oriental Design

Curtains and drapes with pelmets and multi-level cascades are good options for creating Asian-inspired designs in your home office. Intricate window coverings with intricate patterns and calligraphic ornaments that are complemented by fringes and tassels deliver a royal look.

  1. Customized Design     

The current drapery trend of choosing a customized option for your home office means you can consult with the experts before choosing fabrics such as linen, cotton, or velvet and hardware such as drapery rods and wall brackets. As a result, your office space will look great.

There are a variety of current drapery and curtain trends to make your home office an attractive space. Which is best for yours? If you’re not sure, talk to a design professional and get a customized curtain and drapery option.

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