Oct 7, 2021

Who to notify when moving house

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If a different address is soon to be your home, there are several things you need to do before the big day comes, from budgeting and packing to deep-cleaning the house. However, one of the most critical steps of relocation is ensuring you can move in smoothly – this means informing all the necessary people and services about your move. It will guarantee your new household will be set up immediately after your arrival so you can unpack and operate without any problems. Here's who to notify when moving house and how to do it hassle-free.

Make the checklist first 

Moving house is a pretty busy time. There’s a lot to do, but often not that much time. Even if you start your moving preparations early, make sure you make a checklist of who to notify when moving house, along with other relocation tasks. It will help you track your progress and guarantee the move goes just as planned.

a to-do list, including who to notify when moving house
Making a checklist will help you organize your moving tasks better.

Begin with changing your address at the post office

Informing the post office and updating your address details can be the first step in the relocation process. Even though you don’t need to do this too early, don’t wait until you move to update your address. It's relatively easy to do, you can even use an online form, but it will assure you start getting your mail at the new address as soon as you move. 

a new address number
Make sure you receive the mail to the correct address and avoid losing your parcels or letters.

Inform your family that you are moving

It’s essential to tell your loved ones that you’re moving, especially your immediate family. If you have kids, have a family meeting and discuss how and when you’re moving. They may be young, but they also deserve enough time to prepare for this huge event. Also, telling your parents and relatives is beneficial, too. They can be of great help – give you some helpful moving company recommendations, share leftover moving supplies, or offer to help you pack

Notify your employer when moving house

Unless you're moving for work and your employer already knows about it, make sure you tell them about the relocation. There are specific protocols to follow whether you’re leaving that job for good or just asking to be relocated to another branch. It is also vital for your paychecks to come to the correct address after the move.

The bank 

Your financial institution (bank or credit card company) should be one of the first to know about the change of address. The update can usually be done through online forms, but be sure to check that and see if you need to visit them instead. 

Remember: when it comes to money, think if you receive any form of social security benefits. These need to be updated as well, so be sure to check the SSA website for more information

The tax agency 

The IRS should also be on the list of who to notify when moving house. It's easy to do through their online form. However, when it comes to the state tax agency, you need to visit the particular website of the state you live in. The information you need and the procedure varies across the states, so be sure to check at the right place. 

tax documents
IRS should know about your relocation, so be sure to inform them when moving house.

Update utility information 

You don’t want any problems with your utility bills after the move, so don't forget to update your address. Here are the utility providers you should contact:

  • Gas/electric services – to avoid spending the first couple of days in the new house in the dark and without any heat, make sure you update the address with the gas/electricity company. Set the shut-off/start times for the old and new homes so that you can have a smooth transition;

  • Internet/phone/cable – you'll need the internet and phone in the first days more than ever. You will have to use it to explore the new neighborhood, find and order food, invite your friends over, etc. Don’t forget to call your provider and inform them about the change of address, so they can set up everything and make your home ready for new residents;

  • Water and sewerage – you might have to inform the water and sewerage companies about your relocation, so you can be billed appropriately and have your water supply ready in case it was turned off;

  • Garbage company – garbage and recycling is also one the things you need to take care of. Make sure you inform the appropriate company so you can use these services after the move and be billed at the correct address.

Insurance agency 

Another important place to update your address is your insurance company, especially home/renter’s insurance. You’ll probably have to provide the proof of your relocation and some other documents, so don’t wait until the last day to take care of it. 

Inform the movers 

Scheduling your moving day is something you want to do as early as possible. The experience of Strong-Ass Movers shows that scheduling the date in advance results in a less stressful moving process, lower moving rates, and flexibility in picking your date. That's why researching a couple of companies, comparing their rates to choose the best one, and finally informing them about the date is the task to put on your checklist. The help of professionals is precious when moving house, so don't let the excellent moving teams slip out, but hire one on time. 

Tell other people you know – and throw a leaving party!

Other than telling your family and close friends about the move, other people you know should be aware that you are leaving your current address. The easiest way to do this is by making an online announcement on a social network. However, don’t do this until you share this news with the closest people first. Now that you know who to notify when moving house, you can begin planning your farewell party and close this chapter in the best possible way. 






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