Oct 22, 2021

Turning your nursery into a toddler room


A toddler playing with a dollhouse in her toddler room.

Time flies when you're having fun. This is especially true throughout your child's early years. You are counting down the days until you finally get to see them, and the next thing you know, your child is a crib escape artist who wants to explore the world around it. It might be tough to determine when the right moment to devote your attention to turning your nursery into a toddler room is. You, as a parent, should be the one deciding. So, if you've decided to give your child a toddler room and a bit of independence, make sure to make it a
fun and colorful space. This transition will be a fantastic experience for you and your growing toddler, and we are here to help with some advice.

Encourage a shift from a crib to a toddler bed 

Moving from a crib to a toddler bed is one of the most crucial milestones your kid will go through during this stage. Of course, the decision should be made depending on whether your child is ready for it or not. By a certain age, many youngsters begin to escape their cribs and go on adventures exploring every part of their nursery room. If this is the case, it might be the perfect time to get a toddler bed for your little one.

The toddler bed you choose should be large enough to last a few years while still being safe for your child. Many toddler beds come with a toddler rail to keep your kid safe as they explore the world outside of their bed. If you're planning a relocation, you'll need to make a decision. You could skip out on buying a toddler bed until you're situated or prepare proper transportation for it. Be sure to choose a reliable mover if you choose the latter. According to Simplify Valet Storage & Moving, many accidents happen when people try to transfer bulky furniture pieces themselves. So, to avoid damage to your precious items and sleep well knowing your child is safe and comfortable in their new little toddler room, make sure to hire reliable moving experts.

A girl sitting on a toddler bed while holding a stuffed animal and reading a book, representing turning your nursery into a toddler room.
Your child will have a lot of fun enjoying their new toddler bed

Consider the difference between nursery furniture and toddler furniture

The crib is not the only piece of furniture you might consider replacing. Depending on your current situation, you might not even need a changing table anymore! Many potty-trained children still do have an accident here and there, but you will not need a bulky piece of furniture for that. However, you might've chosen a piece of furniture that can be versatile, such as a dresser. A dresser can go from being a changing table to a proper storage space for your children's toys or clothes.

Look around the nursery and decide which furniture items your toddler's overgrown and which items it needs. You might decide they need a bookshelf for all of their new books. In some cases, you might decide you need storage solutions other than a closet. Additionally, you might need to give them a comfortable area to sit, draw and express their creativity. This is a crucial step in turning your nursery into a toddler room.

Declutter old, unneeded items

Another essential thing you should consider is decluttering old and unneeded items. From old toys to books and baby clothes, there are many items you might choose to put away, sell or give away. In a lot of cases, parents opt to store items for various reasons. You might wish to be ready if you expand your family or you want to have memorabilia your children will look back on.

Some of these items, such as baby clothes, require extra attention before storing them. Be sure to find a proper way to protect the items, and enlist help from others if there is a considerable amount of them. If you choose to sell, utilize many of the excellent online sources at your disposal. And, of course, gift your special items to families that will surely need them.

A man and a woman holding up a few cardboard boxes in a white room.
Do not shy away from asking for help if you need it when packing all the unneeded items

Focus on deep cleaning your toddler room 

When left alone for more than 5 minutes, the mess children can make is astounding for any new parent. This mess can also be quite overwhelming. This is why it is crucial to deep clean your toddler room. By doing so, you will start off on the right foot, and your toddler will have a brand new space to enjoy their days in.

Start by gathering all the necessary cleaning supplies as well as your patience. Start small by putting everything in its place and then wash the bedding, sheets, and duvets. Next, you will want to vacuum and mop the floors thoroughly. Make sure to clean behind furniture as well. Wash the windows as well while you're at it. Once you are done with these steps, you can dust everything that needs dusting and disinfect. Of course, your children will still make a mess of the room even after all of your efforts to make it clean. Thus, you must try and enforce some cleaning habits your child can manage. Putting away toys and making the bed are simple things your toddlers should learn how to do. By teaching them this, you will help yourself in the long run.

A child helping her mother wash the dishes
It would be best if you started incorporating specific cleaning tasks into your child's everyday life early.

Get new items appropriate for your toddler

Once you have finished cleaning, you might feel like the job is still not done. The toddler room might feel empty or unfinished. If this is the case, do not fret. Getting new items that are appropriate for your toddler can be the key to setting up the perfect toddler room you envisioned. 

Enlist the help of your child while redecorating the room. They might have some opinions about how they want their room to look like. Show their personality in the decor you choose to bring in. New toys that will aid in your child's development are also a good idea. Exchange simple books with books suited for your toddler's abilities. Encourage skill learning as much as possible at this early stage in their lives. If you wish to make your child more independent, you could also move the toys from other rooms into theirs. This way, they can have independent playtime. Lastly, be sure to get a height chart where you can track how fast your little one is growing.

Turning your nursery into a toddler room made easy 

As you can see, turning your nursery into a toddler room can be a relatively quickly and simple process. The key is to know what you need and everything else will simply fall into its place.

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