Mar 14, 2019

What are the Benefits of Using Dimming Bulbs?

Deciding on the right amount of light for a residential setting has been a struggle always. But with the arrival of LED dimming bulbs, the problem is solved quite a bit. Dimming bulbs effortlessly restrict the current flow in your room thus improving the aesthetics of your living spaces. A balanced mix of low lighting and full lighting options make any space perfectly lit up and without LED dimming bulb this is hardly possible.
Dimming Bulbs Promote Energy Savings

This is perhaps one of the biggest advantages that dimmers provide. Technologically advanced dimming bulbs nowadays can rapidly switch between on and off to adjust the electricity flowing to a bulb. Dimmable bulb is capable of changing the visual appearance of your room and uplifts your mood while saving up to 80% of energy consumption. Dimming bulbs are mostly used in living room, bathroom and bedroom, the areas where you would need a soft, subdued and aesthetic ambiance. Using energy efficient LED bulbs also helps in reducing your energy bills.

Dimming Bulbs Come With Extended Lifespan

Like all other LED varieties, dimming bulbs also come with extended lifespan. Dimming bulbs require least amount of energy exertion to illuminate any space. It also reduces the amount of electricity you use in your lamps and other light fixtures. Nordusk dimming bulbs offer 25000 burning hours, thus ensuring substantial savings on your energy bills!

Dimming Bulbs Notch Up An Adjustable Ambience

Dimming bulbs play an important role to set the ambiance of a room which has multiple lighting levels. These are a quick and cost-effective way of offering multiple lighting levels in the rooms that have a limited amount of lighting arrangements.  Installing adjustable dimming bulbs lets you set the tone of a room more accurately. It also can improve the room’s functionality. For instance, you are having a quality time with other members of the family, where you would need a brighter ambiance. Whereas, a subdued brightness will help when you are watching a movie or doing some light jobs. With a dimming bulb, you can easily control such situation without even changing the light fixture.  

Precisely, a dimming bulb works more efficiently as per your mood.  
Being able to set the ambiance of a room through your light, switch is much more convenient than placing different lamps to have the same versatility. Dimmer switches are a great addition in every room because they automatically unlock multiple levels of lighting.

To Dim or Not Do Dim

Dimming bulbs serve up a platter of advantages, right from enhancing the aesthetics to decreasing energy use, extending the longevity to improving your quality of life. Instead of low wattage bulbs, use dimming bulbs as they offer more flexible and aesthetic in nature. Last but not the least the dimming bulbs are lighter on the pocket as well as the environment.

Summary: With the arrival of LED dimming bulbs, the idea of decorating your living space with subdued hues is no more unfamiliar. Dimming bulbs effortlessly restrict the current flow in your room thus improving the aesthetics to of your living spaces.

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