Mar 21, 2019


In the past, wicker furniture was mostly used in archaic house setups. These days, more and more people are embracing it. In modern houses, they are mostly used in outdoor patios and in the living room.

Without proper care, wicker furniture can become brittle and worn out. That is why we recommend the below tips, as recommended by wicker paradise, to ensure they serve you for a lifetime.

As much as we love the look of our wicker furniture in our outdoor patios, I recommend getting them into the house once in a while. Wicker furniture is lightweight so moving them should not be a problem.

If you are using natural wicker furniture, I would prefer having a protective cloth around them to prevent pests, small bugs and harmful ultraviolet rays from causing havoc.

You could choose to invest in an overhead shelter. This will ensure your wicker furniture is safe from direct sunlight. If an overhead shelter is not an option due to finances or other unavoidable circumstances, have a protective spot where you can be moving them I case of extreme temperatures.

It is also advisable to use synthetic wicker furniture for your outdoors because they are made to withstand these harsh climatic conditions.


Wicker furniture should be regularly cleaned just like any other objects in your house. You should do routine vacuum cleaning with a soft bristle attachment to remove dust buildup.

For natural wicker furniture, you can perform spot cleaning with some water and mild detergent in case there is some dirt that has stained the furniture. Make sure that the natural wicker furniture is completely dry before using it again. Sitting on any wicker furniture while still wet might cause the furniture to sag and promote the growth of molds and mildew.

For synthetic wicker furniture, the same care should be taken. However, with this, you can give it some thorough cleaning by hosing it. As stated earlier, make sure the furniture is completely dry before use.

Another point to note is to wipe or clean off dirt or any spills as soon as they occur. Fresh dirt is easier to clean and minimizes any chances of having stubborn stains.


In case you spot mildew that has grown on the furniture, use a mild oil-based soap and some warm water to remove it.

Another tip on how to care for your wicker furniture is to train yourself to be doing routine checks on them. This will allow you to spot early enough, any damages that may have occurred, and take the appropriate measures. In case of extensive damage, seek professional guidance to help you repair them.

In some cases, it is a repair you can do yourself. In such scenarios, it is recommended you do extensive research on the kind of material that was used to make the specific wicker furniture before proceeding further.

All in all, with all these cleaning and care tips, it is always good to read your manufacturer’s instructions and follow them to the letter.

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