Mar 6, 2019

What should you know about cleaning pet stain and odor from carpets?

When you share your home with a furry friend, you know that occasional accidents will happen. These accidents are often tricky to clean up, and even after a thorough blot and wipe; you might find lingering stains and odors. Elbow grease is not enough to restore your carpets and rugs back to their glory days. Dog and cat urine or vomit can leave long-lasting stains on the carpets, no matter how quickly you try to clean it at home.
Don’t let pet urine sit on the carpet
When an accident happens, do not wait for it to dry up. Use toilet papers, old rags, and tissues to soak up as much fluid as possible. It will prevent the stains from soaking deep into the material. The more fluid you can soak up before the carpet dries, the more successful your cleanup endeavors will be. However, promptness is not always possible when the residents of a house spend the day at work and school. You may have come home to more than one such mishaps in the last couple of months. When pet stains dry up on the carpet, you will have a difficult time cleaning it.

Never use caustic chemicals to clean pet urine
You may have noticed already, most conventional floor cleaners and caustic carpet cleaners hardly have any effect on the odor. Either you need special enzyme-based cleaners, or you need to invest in the costly pet stain and odor removers. Nonetheless, they do not come with a 100% stain and odor removal guarantee. Cleaning pet odor from the rugs and carpets can take time, effort and smarts. Always be careful not to use caustic chemicals around your pets.

Locating old pet stains is quite the challenge unless you have a black light or UV light that lights up the spots with bodily fluids. First-time users need to beware since it might light up a lot of ancient mishaps, which you don't even want to know about. These old stains that the carpet or upholstery has absorbed require extensive professional cleaning. Professional eco-friendly carpet cleaners have a number of tricks up their sleeve to renew life into your old rugs. Check out carpet cleaning Murfreesboro TN to learn more about the different cleaning techniques your neighborhood services offer.

Rent a wet vacuum
If you have a wet vacuum at home, you should give that a try. It will flush out the odor particles and stains from the fibers with clean water, and suck out the dirty water that comes out. Wet vacs are quite an investment when you have naughty pets at home. In case you don't have one of those, contact your local rental services or carpet cleaning services to check if they have rental offers. 

Training your pets to use the loo is not always enough. When you have furry friends at home, a few accidents are bound to happen. To prevent them from happening again, you need to clean the spots thoroughly and remove all traces of pet odor. That means cleaning upholstery, drapes, rugs, throw mats and carpets from time to time. Keeping your home free from all pet odors is the only way to deter them from marking the same spot again. 

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