Mar 7, 2019

4 Tips for First Time Mothers

If you've been trying to get pregnant for quite some time, it can be really exciting when you first learn that you're having a baby. There's also a mix of emotions including anxiousness. This is because your to-do list immediately morphs in size when you find out you're having a baby. Among the many tasks you'll need to take care of, consider these four priorities.

1. Find an OB/GYN you're comfortable with.

Determine what type of birth you'd like to have. It's also wise to have an OB/GYN that you're really comfortable with. You can choose to have a doula, a c-section or even a water birth san antonio. There are so many options to consider when you're having a child. The most important thing to do is to trust your gut. It will lead you to the option that's perfect for you and the health of your baby.
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2. Get as much rest as you can.

Sleep now or forever hold your peace. This is because newborns tend to keep moms and dads awake for countless hours. While this can be a really exhausting effort, it's worth it. However, when you can, get some deep, peaceful rest. When you're pregnant, you're doing a lot for two people. Your body is going to be naturally fatigued. It's okay to put your feet up to rest.

3. Exercise.

Even though it's important to rest, it's also wise to exercise. Whether you go for a walk on the treadmill each day or use the elliptical machine, find ways to get the blood circulating through your body. If you're intentional about watching your health during this process, you'll feel a lot better throughout your pregnancy. Certain parts of your body naturally get tight during the months of pregnancy. Consider prenatal yoga and massages to help with any discomfort.

4. Ask friends for help.

If you need help with the nursery, picking out items for the baby shower or venting over lunch, don't hesitate to reach out to trustworthy friends. It can be challenging to do it all on your own. This is why it's great to have a supportive circle to encourage you during this special season of your life.

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