Mar 13, 2019

Forget manual layering - It is the era of concrete pumps

Off-late a considerable number of city dwellers see large concrete trucks on the streets. That is probably because there are quite a few significant commercial projects in the city that demand copious volumes of concrete. People rarely stop to think about how the concrete reaches the top floors of the high rises that caress the city skyline. It is the job of the concrete pumps to transport the liquid cement by pumping.
What are concrete pumps?

Currently, there are two types of pumps in use in Melbourne. The first one is a pump that has a direct connection to a truck or semi-trailer. These are the boom concrete pumps that operate via a remote-controlled robotic arm that experts refer to as the boom. The second one is usually a pump mounted on a trailer or truck. It is line-pump. It has hoses that transport the concrete with manual intervention. The line pumps can serve lower volumes as compared to boom pumps. You have probably come across the line pumps during the construction of the community halls, small churches, swimming pools, small suburban homes and sidewalks in Melbourne. The boom pumps are the one construction workers use during the layering of concrete on high-rises and larger buildings.

Why should you consider concrete pumping?

Here’s why concrete pumping Melbourne is necessary –
i.             It saves time and reduces the burden of labour
ii.            Pumping concrete can increase the profit margin
iii.         It will enhance the quality and resolve issues with quality control (QC)
iv.          Pumping cement allows the construction workers to stick to their schedules
v.            It provides high levels of employee satisfaction
vi.          It enhances the versatility of concrete placing
vii.        Concrete pumping reduces the preparation of the site

In Melbourne, almost all corporate buildings and large commercial buildings now opt for concrete pumping due to the niftiness and cost-effectiveness of the process. To reach better profits in short duration, architects and engineers choose boom pumps over manual layering jobs for the large projects.

Concrete pumps reduce the mess of construction

The need for cleanup becomes optional when you work with a concrete pumping team with enough experience. The presence of state-of-the-art technology allows the construction team to keep the construction site, surrounding area and paved streets clean. Earlier in the day, it was common for concrete mixers to find themselves in a muddy mess. The site supervisors would often have to call for tow trucks or allocate special teams to get the heavy concrete mixers out of the soft construction ground. People would often find dirty tracks on the paved streets and surrounding roads. Concrete pumps have made construction jobs a lot less messy in Melbourne and other main cities of Victoria.

The presence of the concrete pump is evidence of the evolution of construction methods. It is much faster, safer and more accurate than layering concrete by hand. They have become the go-to option for construction teams and engineers working on hard-to-reach spots across the central city.

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