Mar 7, 2019

Six Common Myths of Electronic Locks Demystified

Electronic locks have gained so much of attention these days due to their loads of advantages over the conventional locks.  But at the same time, there are plenty of myths surrounding this new age locking system. Let’s have a look to those common myths and unlock them.

#Myth1:  Digital Locks don’t function during power outages
There’s no valid reason behind such claim as most of the electronic locks run on battery. Hence, the lock continues to function, even when there is a power cut. These batteries last for at least two years and with built-in power sensors you are already informed weeks before the batteries drain out.  Thus you have enough time to get the batteries replaced. Some electronic locks also come with manual mechanical keys to help you out when the batteries do not work.

#Myth 2: Digital locks don’t function during fire
Electronic locks are featured with high-end powerful sensors that detect fire and start functioning automatically, thus relieving the pressure of opening conventional door locks manually. Such is the advantage of digital locks over conventional locks.

#Myth 3: Electronic locks are difficult to operate
This absolutely makes no point as the digital electronic locks are so widely used nowadays that a difficult operation won’t actually work. There are a slew of advanced features such as backlit keypads and touch screens that make unlocking the door a breeze. Keep in mind that locks are easy to operate once they are installed properly. Moreover, the electronic locks arrive with instruction manual, which makes it really easy for the user to operate the system.

#Myth 4: Electronic locks eat up space
Keep in mind that the electronic locks are not as bulky as said. They don’t even occupy much of your door space, so that you do not need to compromise on the interior aesthetics.  A vast majority of electronic locks come in beautiful finishes and trims and effortlessly blend with one’s home decor.

#Myth 5: Locks get jammed during rains
This might be the  case with  your  conventional  mechanical locks  but  with  the electronic  locks  such things  do not happen.  Electronic locks have completely different operation than the conventional ones. Moreover, the electronic locks come with weather-proof coating.  As a result, the question of electronic locks getting jammed during rainy season doesn’t even come.   The buttons of electronic lock do not wear off. Moreover, digital locks feature a fingerprint-resistant touch screen that works perfectly in the rain or even when you are wearing gloves. However, an RFID access card is highly recommended, in case you wish to boost security.

#Myth 6: Electronic locks can be hacked
Perhaps the funniest of all is the myth that says electronic locks can be hacked. Nowadays, digital locks are available with multiple mode of authentication, which makes it really difficult to unlock the security feature of these locks. The multi level authentication consists of PIN verification, smartcard authentication, manual key and biometric accessibility options.  

 Nowadays, digital lock is a widely used item.  In fact people are investing in the security system on a priority basis even if they don’t invest that much on buying the property.   According to the owner of an affordable apartment in Konnagar has invested quite a lot for accentuating the security system of her home.

Summary: Electronic locks have gained so much of attention these days due to their advantages over the conventional locks. But, there are plenty of myths around them. Read this article to demystify. 

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