Mar 19, 2019

How to Refresh Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring can be a real focal point in any home, no matter what style it is. It is the perfect flooring for both a period property or something thoroughly modern, and chosen carefully can look truly stunning with a variety of different home d├ęcor styles. But just like any other type of flooring, over time, it can begin to look a little tired and this can really let the rest of your room down. If you are keen to do something to refresh the look of your hardwood flooring, then there are a number of different things that you can try. Here are a few of our suggestions for refreshing your hardwood floors ranging from the really simple to the slightly more complex.

Clean it!

It might seem a bit obvious, but really, sometimes all you need to do with a hardwood floor that is looking a little tired is give it a really thorough clean. If possible empty the entire room of furniture, making sure to lift furniture rather than drag it. Then you need to get up all the dust and debris that has accumulated, and even if you clean regularly you may be surprised by just how much there actually is. This can either be done gently with a vacuum cleaner or with a soft broom. Then all you need to do is it with a mop; this should be damp rather than wet. Water alone really should be all you need.

Take a look at the finish

If the finish on your hardwood floor is lacking a lustre, the kind of tiredness that comes from general wear and tear over a prolonged length of time then you may need to consider topping up the finish. If your floor is treated with a wax finish or a lacquer finish then you will need to consider how you go about the job carefully – if you prefer a higher shine then don’t forget the more natural looking oil finish is much easier to top up than lacquer. If the issue is a number of stains on your floor then you can follow a stain removing routine – using really fine steel wool, and then using a fine brush to apply some of the original finish. This should be all that you need to do to return your flooring to its former glory. It is important to ensure that you remove any excess before the finish dries and then once it is completely dry you can buff it using a soft cloth.

Buff it

Giving your hardwood flooring a buff and polish is a great way to get it looking great again. You will probably want to hire a machine to do this as they are not cheap. Ensure your floor is completely clean before you begin, otherwise you risk trapping any residual dirt under the polish. Make sure that you choose the best polish for your flooring, a good supplier or company who specialise in hardwood flooring should be able to advise you.

Resanding and finishing

This is not a job to be tackled lightly but it will really give you great results and if your flooring is looking very tired, perhaps with a few minor dents and a lot of scratches then you may find it the best solution. Hire a sanding machine and work slowly and carefully. Alternatively, you might prefer to leave this job to the professionals and get a professional to sand and finish your flooring for you, ensuring that you get fantastic results.

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