Mar 20, 2019

How To Clean Up Your Home After A Dinner Party

Most humans are by nature social beings that take great pleasure from impressing their peers. That is why dinner parties are a perfect way to showcase your skills as a host, cook and entertainer. Throwing a dinner party is an experience that takes a lot of planning and logistics, but ultimately pays off as soon as compliments start pouring in.

Whether you’re hosting a Thanksgiving or a Christmas dinner or just a regular dinner party any day of the year, making sure everyone has a good time and leaves with their belly full is your priority. But after your guests are gone, you are left with one final challenge: cleaning up!
Cleaning up after a dinner party may be overwhelming, but doesn’t have to be a nightmare. One of the easiest ways to handle it is going room by room in order to break all the tasks down into smaller, manageable ones. We spoke to the experts at Deluxe Maid who were kind enough to share a few tips on how to handle your post-party cleaning.

Start Cleaning Room By Room

Trying to multitask while cleaning your home will only divert your focus and is likely to make you forget about some important areas. Make sure you clean your home room by room until they are all neat and clean.

Not only is this process more effective, but you’ll also find it a lot faster as well. This method has been tried and tested by the best maid services and cleaning experts, who all agree this is the most effective way. Here are some of the rooms you need to pay the most attention to:

Cleaning The Kitchen
Naturally, the dinner party will take the heaviest toll on the kitchen. Not only is there leftover food to manage, but also a pile of dishes and stains to clean. Start with washing the dishes using a highly effective cleaning product. Have your family members help out as much as they can, at least by drying and storing the washed dishes.

If you have trouble washing the more persistent stains, soak them in a warm water and dishwasher solution to soften the stains. Meanwhile, clean the worktops using your favorite spray. Make sure to wipe the fridge clean to clean up any food spills.

Living and Dining Rooms
These are the areas where your guests will be spending the most time in, so it stands to reason they are to be the messiest. There is going to be a lot of mess, especially after a Christmas party with all the wrapping paper, confetti and other festive decorations.

Start with cleaning the floors and putting away any items such as family albums back where they belong. Next, throw out and recycle all the garbage. Use a basket or a trash bag to collect and sort them. Finally, vacuum all the carpets and hard surfaces.

The bathroom is likely going to see more traffic during the dinner party than it usually does. That’s why it deserves some love when cleaning your home. Make sure to wash the shower curtain or scrub the shower screen. More importantly, make sure you thoroughly scrub the toilet using a good disinfectant. Make sure you clean the floors and vanities as well.

Guest Bedroom
If your guests are spending the night or a few nights in your guest bedroom, you need to freshen it up after they have left. The goal is to make the guest bedroom as neat as it was before your guests arrived. This involves cleaning the floors, vacuuming and washing the bed sheet. Finally, as you dust away the hard surfaces check all the drawers and wardrobes for items your guests may have forgotten.

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