Mar 5, 2019

Why Are Custom Drapes So Popular with Home Owners?

Custom drapes have become somewhat of a fad in the home décor marketplace as of late. With property values soaring and the art of refurbishing a property to add value, homeowners are constantly on the hunt for ways in which to increase the asking price of their home. Custom drapes fitted and ready to go are one way to bump up the final value of a home.
Here are just some of the reasons why drapes are so popular:

1.   The addition of style and warmth
In countries where cool or cold winters are common drapes act as an insulator. They keep in the heat in when closed helping to preserve electricity or keep in the heat from a log fire. Custom drapes can be cut to fit the window area perfectly and designed to sit against the wall reducing any gaps between the window area and the wall where heat can escape.

All the while the drapes are insulating the room, they also add style to the room. Everyone has different tastes of course. However, the word custom also means the material, color, thickness, and patterns can all be customized.

2.   Providing complete privacy
As mentioned above, drapes can be cut perfectly fit the window they cover. They are also great for glass doors in the house leading to other rooms or outside. Drapes that are custom measured and fitted will close off any space between the window and the room that people can pear through. With the right size, drapes provide complete privacy.

They are also great for separating rooms into two when privacy is needed in another area of the room.

3.   Protecting furniture, floors,and carpets from UV Rays
UV rays cause unseen damage to furniture and floors in the house. These rays become even more harmful when they are magnified by windows as well as reflect off mirrors and other glass objects in a room. Although there is always a toss-up between letting light into a room and protecting the room from fading in color.

Most people tend to close the drapes in the room they are not using during the day. This is especially important to do in rooms that have a lot of wood in them and why custom drapes are very popular.

4.   Keeping rooms cool
 Just as drapes act as insulation for the warmth, they can also keep in the cold. In hot climates where people use aircon the opposite problem to letting heat out will come into play. Drapes can keep the heat out or rather keep the cool air from escaping. Even if the aircon is not on, by closing the drapes in a room in which the sun directly shines into it can keep the room from heating up.

In countries with cold winters and hot summers, drapes are extremely popular because they offer two notable benefits, which include keeping the heat in and out.

Where Can I Research More About Custom drapes?

There are several types of custom drapes, so if you feel the advantages far outweigh the investment needed to buy custom made curtains, then you will most certainly need to do some research. You have the choice of pinch pleat curtains, goblet pleat drapes,pencil pleat drapes,and cartridge pleat drapes as options available to you. The style you want is totally down to your current home setup and personal preference. 

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