Mar 4, 2019


Are you thinking of buying Islamic calligraphy art canvas? In this kind of Islamic wall art Arabic calligraphy, the text is either directly painted on canvas, or handwritten text is digitised and them printed on canvas. The colours and artistic texture of the canvas render a different kind of visual appeal to this art. On account of the use of digital technology for colouring and printing, this kind of art is categorised as modern Islamic wall art. It is also considered such because of the use of canvas, a medium not previously used in traditional Islamic wall art.
Traditional or classical Islamic wall art involves the inscription of a verse or passage or chapter from the Glorious Quran on a black silk or velvet cloth. The text is mostly stitched with a golden thread, or golden beads or sequins are used. This combination of golden and black is inspired by the colours of cloth that covers the Ka’aba at the Masjid Al Haram in Makkah. Traditional Islamic wall art also includes vivid wall rugs, mostly crafted in Iran, Turkey, Central and South Asia. These ornate wall carpets are replete with dense floral patterns on the borders while Arabic text is diligently stitched in the central portion.

Down the ages, new experiments in Islamic wall art have been done. Two trends in particular have become quite popular. The first is wall decals. Wall decals are stickers composed of vinyl. On the front side is Arabic calligraphy. The reverse side is sticky and can be directly pasted on the wall, without the need to frame the artwork or drive a nail into the wall. Wall deals are economically priced, and their appeal lies in the fact that all the focus is only on the text – without the distraction of frames, colours and backgrounds.

The second popular category is Islamic calligraphy on canvas. Opposite of the minimalist appeal of wall decals is Islamic canvas art in which colours and backgrounds play a big role.

The significance of colours in home d├ęcor can’t be emphasised enough. A dash of colour literally adds life to a dull room. The saying add colour to your life’ means a person should live life with colour, that is with zeal and optimism. It’s not uncommon for people to paint at least one wall of a room each in their homes in a colour that isn’t white.

Islamic calligraphy art canvas applies colours and canvas in Islamic wall art Arabic calligraphy. The canvas is base for the print or the painting. The artistic texture of canvas raises the overall look of the artwork. Islamic calligraphy art on canvas is available in a large range of colours - red, yellow, blue, green, black, white et al. Sometimes, multiple shades are used, but mostly just two are used – the text and the backdrop are of different, contrasting hues. This, in order, to highlight the text. Because when it comes to Islamic calligraphy, the text and the deep message it reflects, is paramount. Colours are only a tool to attract the attention of the viewer.

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