Mar 8, 2019

Enjoying Food in Train while Travelling

Indian Railways is a giant transport service mostly preferred by Indians to travel from one destination to another. A long range of online as well as offline food providers, including pantry service, through their distinctive catering service offers passengers a variety of foods.
Types of cuisine serve

India is the country of Unity in Diversity. It is all true about their food habits. Thus, food service in train provides different kinds of menu which includes:
·         North Indian Dishes: North Indian cuisines mainly are spicy and scrumptious one. The perfect blend of spices and its unique cooking style make it a better choice for consumption. North Indians love to have varieties of chapattis/Paneer/chicken/mutton preparations. Those online food providers, delivers authentic North Indian cuisines to the passengers at almost every station.
·         South Indian: If a passenger’s pallet wants to taste the pungent dishes with types of chutney and rice preparations, then South Indian food should be their next selection. Some of the south Indian dishes are Masala Dosa, Uttapam Upma, Idli, Vada, Pongal, and of course a south Indian Thali. 
·         Awadhi: Awadhi food is best known for its non-vegetarian delicacies. These are mainly cooked in tandoors and its rice dishes were generally prepared using dum procedure. Tandoor cooked dishes include chicken tikka, tandoori chicken; Chicken/Mutton Dum Biryani and Paneer tikka, Kebabs, are traditional awadhi cuisines. One can order them via IRCTC or any other food delivery service, to relish their journey!
·         Chinese: Chinese dishes are generally a diverse mixture of thick sauces, veggies or chicken cooked with unique spices. Manchurian, Chopsy, Hakka noodles, fried rice, soups and manchow are some of the finest recipes. They are available via IRCTC and other online food providers, anytime for the passengers during the travel.
·         Fast food:  One can order fast foods such as burgers, French fries, veg and non-veg pizza variety also at any station. Thus enjoy train journey with tasty fast food at the berth.
·         Veg Thali :  A veg thali is always a complete nutrition to the body. The varieties available in Thali are mini veg thali, deluxe thali, standard thali, and large one. This platter contains rice, paneer recipes, seasonal veg, chapatti, dal fry, raita, salad, sweet, curd, papad, and pickle types of cuisines.
·         Non –Veg Thali: Non-veg lovers must order this thali which contains rice,chicken/muttonrecipes, chapatti/paratha, seasonal veg, dal fry, raita, sweet, curd, salad, papad, and pickle. It is the most ordered thali in train, observed in general scenario.
·         Jain Food: Even some train food providers serves foods especially for Jains! They boasts special focus on food in train which is available at every station it halt. Jain food is obviously a paradise on a plate. This exclusive vegetarianism cooking strictly excludes onion and garlic in their recipes.

When can book food for train journey?

A traveller can book train food once he has booked his ticket with Indian Railways. Even if he is traveling this month or next month or maybe in next 3 months, he can book meals in advance, with IRCTC only. Either one can also book food in train on the go while traveling and with other food deliverers.

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