Mar 15, 2015

Several Tips on How to Choose the Right Mirror for Your Space

As we all know, there is no bathroom in this world without mirror. Without a bath tub, yes, for shower can be installed instead, but the mirror, even the smallest one, is unavoidable. So, in order to replace your existing one, you will need, of course, a new one. But, how you can be sure that you are buying the right one? These tips will help you to obtain the perfect mirror for the wall in your bathroom, and to save also along the way. Ready? Read on.
The price
The best way not to spend too much money is to determine an outline, and to set the top limit which you shall not cross, when it comes to cash out. This is but an individual matter, so it is completely up to you how much you can spend. What I can advise you about is to make a little research, and to see where the prices are lowest. Of course, you don’t want your mirror to be scratched or damaged, so if you can invest a few bucks more on a used goods sale, do so. Many times happened to me to find perfectly preserved item on such sale, and the price was ridiculously low. Also, there is an option to buy mirrors online, for many stores offer free shipping and the guarantee to refund your investment, in case the mirror came broken. For this cause, save all your receipts, so you can make a complaint, in case something happened.

The size
On this matter, you will need a hands-on approach. Measuring tape, pencil and few other things are essential. First, remove the old mirror, and put it aside. You don’t need to throw it away, you can set it in the garage, or to put it to other use, for example, stained glass can be made from shards of a broken mirror. So, back to the measuring. You should leave enough space between ceiling and the top of the mirror. Usually it is about 15cm, and the bottom should be, of course, above the sink. On both of sides room should be left, for if you don’t, you will get so-called “box effect”, where the mirror will look like a bottom of a shoe box. It looks ugly, so you will wish to avoid this. Remember, these are outer measurements, so if you buy a mirror with a frame, the viewing area will be somewhat smaller, so take care about that as well.

The frame
Framed mirrors are chic, I must admit. The frame itself looks lovely, if the right is chosen, and it will add up your personal touch. Also, it opens a lot more possibilities, so you can combine and fit better the overall looks of the bathroom. But, having a frame, especially wooden one, has also several drawbacks. First of all, you will need to protect it from water, steam and moist. This combination is a great base for growing of mold, and this will severely weaken the frame, resulting in its falling apart. Simple, metal and ornamental frame is great asset, and those made from aluminium are also rust and water-resistant, so this is also a considerable option.
The glass
The most important thing aboutthe bathroom mirror is its flatness and perfection. Any smudges within the mirror itself will lead to curved and inaccurate reflection. Also, pay attention, for some mirrors have double layer of glass, something which will create double reflection, also. This is not much of a fuss, but I find it distracting and somewhat ugly. Many manufacturers offer quite expensive, non-fogging mirrors, but you don’t need to spend huge amount of money, to have one of those. Modern chemistry can come to your aid, for there are many treatments and solutions which you can implement, in order to prevent fog to be made. Simply visit hardware store, and ask around.

With everything said considered, I hope that I have managed to simplify the outfitting of your bathroom with a new mirror. Probably the most important thing is that you are satisfied, and you will use it for a long period of time. Just watch out not to break it.

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Joyful said...

Nice mirrors. I prefer large mirrors in the bathroom and living area. They make a bigger impact.

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