Mar 26, 2015

Benefits and Functions of Using Water Jet Cutting Systems

Water jets are considered are accurate, adjustable and swift. In the last few of years, they are said to have become much easier to be used. Principle behind its use is regarded to be a simple one that is combined with complex engineering design from performing the required task. High pressure water in this machine gets forced through narrow hole for generating appreciable energy in very high amount but through extremely smaller surface area. The narrow hole’s function is to create high velocity beam and high pressure that is later projected on smaller surface region.

There are basically two waterjet cutting types that exist for the purpose of cutting different kinds of materials, which are namely Abrasive waterjet and pure waterjet. In case, of abrasive waterjets, there is an abrasive substance that is mixed along with water for creating for creating high pressure beam to cut through extreme hard materials like quartz or granite with great ease. Pure waterjet makes use of only water without abrasive substances for cutting through materials. These are used to cut soft materials.

In pure waterjet, the inlet water is said to be subjected towards high pressure that is within the range of about 20,000 – 55,000 pounds / square inch. It is then forced through tiny hole in jewel of diameter between 0.1 – 0.4mm for creating the much needed energy on impact. In regards to abrasive waterjet, the water beam of high velocity leaves the jewel, thereby creating a vacuum, which again rapidly pulls abrasive materials towards beam, to get mixed with in mixing tube. The abrasive material particles are forced with the high velocities towards material surface area for generating sufficient energy for cutting through tough materials.

As waterjets can easily cut through both hard and soft materials, they do find extensive usage especially in fabrication shops. To cut hard materials, granite bridge saw also can be used, however, it tends to produce plenty of heat and mechanical stress that are not found in water jet. The latter is much easier to be set up, not requiring any kind of manual movement, since cutting head would actually move over material that  is placed on table. Using CNC programming, different designs can be produced conveniently at a much faster rate.

These are ideal for cutting through materials, which are sensitive towards heat, since they are known to produce negligible heat at the time of cutting. On the other hand, a bridge saw that is utilized for cutting hard materials like granite does produce plenty of heat while cutting thereby increasing wear and tear of this machine. Fixturing in very small amount is required for majority of the parts, since waterjets do produce very small sideways forces while cutting. Moreover, no mechanical stress is subjected on materials when using waterjet.

In short, it can be stated that Semyx water jets could be utilized for cutting variety of materials, be it hard or soft. When being used with CNC machines, these are sure to be capable enough to produce intricate designs in seamless manner.

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