Mar 13, 2015

High-tech Security Measures for Your Family Home

We can probably all agree that the family is the most important part of our lives and that we would do everything to keep our family safe. One of the bigger parts of this is securing our family home against any burglars and invaders who might want to break in, steal our belongings or even hurt our family. Over the last few years, we have seen rapid advancement in high-tech security features that everyone can afford these days.

1. Change your locks
Traditional locks come in all sizes and types and while some of them are very good at providing protection against intruders, they all share a certain weakness and that is the fact that they still all use keys which can be copied, stolen. Also, they say that a good burglar will know how to pick any lock. With modern, electronic locking systems, you make this impossible for the burglars. These locks have keypads where you type in your password and then the doors unlock. Furthermore, these locks usually have anti-tampering alarms which ensure that a tech-savvy burglar cannot override it.

2. Think about video phone for the entrance
Video phones used to be very expensive to install and rich people used to be the only ones who could afford them. They are installed instead of a door bell in front of the door and when someone rings the bell, the camera turns on and you can see who is ringing the bell from the inside. This is especially good for households with children who are sometimes alone in the house. This way, they can know exactly who it is at the door and they can be sure who they can and cannot let in the house.

3. Illuminate dark corners
Most properties have certain "blind spots" where it is very dark and where street lights and the home lighting do not reach. These spots are very useful to burglars who can use them to sit tight and hide until they find the perfect moment to enter a property. The good news is that you can easily solve these with motion sensor lights. These have become quite advanced in the last decade and they are now much better at differentiating between people and small animals. Also, you can buy solar-powered motion sensor lights these days that are much more difficult to disable for the burglars.

4. Install video surveillance
Video surveillance used to be extremely expensive in the past, especially if you wanted something of high quality that will provide you with high definition footage that will be usable. The prices have dropped dramatically as the technology advanced and according to folks from a Melbourne-based alarm monitoring company, the average household can afford video surveillance systems that were just too expensive in the past. It is a well-known fact that video surveillance is one of the strongest deterrents against burglars.

Home security technology has definitely come a long way over the last decade or so and it has also become much more affordable. In the future, we will probably see more elaborate and integrated security features for your family home, but even with the stuff that is available today, your home will be more secure than ever before. 


Mang Lembu said...

selain kunci dan gembok, pada jaman modern ini pengamanan bagi rumah dan keluarga semakin canggih dengan cctv dan cc rumah atau bisa juga belakang rumah

rohmad said...

thanks for share this because give me a new knowledge(pengetahuan) may be wrong this because my english is bad

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