Mar 7, 2015

Importance of Dryer Vent Cleaning in Your Home

Dryer vent cleaning is not only meant to keep your dryer functioning at top efficiency but also prevents potential fire outbreaks and protecting your home and family. Clogged dryer vent causes the dryer to run hooter increasing the probability of a fire outbreak. The recommended interval for cleaning the vent is annually with the exception when you notice unusual heating in your dryer. Allowing the dryer vent to get clogged will not only impact on your maintenance cost but also the life span of your dryer. Thus, it is tantamount to regularly inspect and do cleaning as necessary.

Statistics show dryer vent fires cause injuries and in worst case scenarios results to death. This should serve to remind the importance of regular dryer cleaning to prevent such unfortunate incidences from happening. The procedure for cleaning the duct could be simple prompting you to do it yourself or complicated which would result in seeking the services of a professional with prices ranging from $65 to $ 150.

While considering whether to do a dryer vent cleaning, the obvious signs indicating that you may be headed for a disaster include clothes taking longer than usual to dry or not getting dried completely, the outside of your drier gets extremely hot, clothes that are hotter than normal when the drying cycle completes and flappers opening less frequently which is an indicator of little activity going on in the external exhaust vent. Other indicators are increased humidity in the laundry room and traces of burnt smell in the room.

Dryer vent cleaning involves various steps which are discussed below.

Air pressure test

This is the first step when cleaning a dryer vent. The step involves turning on the dryer and then going outside and measure the amount of air pressure pushing through the vent. This helps in determining whether the vent is clogged or not.

Cleaning vent line

High Air pressure is pushed through the vent to remove debris from the dryer vent. Different kinds of agitators that wind through the vent can also be used to break the debris. This high pressure air blows stuck debris outside the vent.

Checking flex line

Involves disconnecting the flex line to ensure it is well cleaned then reattaching it in place. This should help make sure it’s well sealed.

Repeating air pressure test

This is the final step when performing
dryer vent cleaning. Done to check the dryer vent has been well cleaned and unblocked for efficiency.


Leovi said...

Good advice!

Unknown said...

I didn't know that there was a test you could do to see if your dryer vent needed to be cleaned out. I can't think of the last time my dryer vents were cleaned out, I should probably do that soon! It's really cool that they have a few different ways to test to see your vent is clean or not.

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