Mar 17, 2015

Green Home Remodeling Tips to Make Your Home Energy Efficient

With energy costs rising and with the expectation that energy prices will continue to rise in the future, many homeowners are understandably taking time to focus on making their homes more energy efficient. There have been wonderful new advances in many areas of the home that can improve energy efficiency and that can make your home more green. While there generally is some cost to upgrade to these advanced features and products, the on-going savings that you can enjoy in the form of reduced energy consumption can quickly offset your up-front investment of these features in most cases. You may consider following some of these tips to see a great improvement in your home's energy efficiency.

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Add More Insulation to Your Walls 

A wonderful idea is to take a closer look at your home's current insulation, and consider speaking with an expert about the benefits of adding more insulation to your walls. Insulation is generally installed in the exterior walls of a home as well as in the attic, and it essentially wraps your home's interior up like a blanket to trap the climate-controlled air inside. In this way, it directly impacts the energy consumption of your HVAC system. There are several types of insulation along with different ratings for each type, and a consultant may advise you about the benefits associated with making an upgrade.

Improve the Roof

Everything from the shape of the roofline to the materials that are used with your roof will impact energy efficiency. In addition, the condition of the roof will also impact energy costs. This is because the roof has a direct impact on how well your climate-controlled air from the HVAC system remains in the home. You can work with a roofing contractor for assistance in this area.

Use Your Ceiling Fans

If your home only has a single ceiling fan in the family room or another area of the home, you may want to think about adding more ceiling fans. When a ceiling fan is turned on, it will help your HVAC system to circulate climate-controlled air in your home. Essentially, the use of ceiling fans will minimize the amount of times your HVAC system needs to turn on, and this can result in great savings for you. Consider installing them in rooms like bedrooms, dining areas and living areas for the best results.

Replace and Re-Seal Windows and Doors

If your home's windows and doors are older in age, there may be a benefit to replacing them. Of course, replacing these highly visible features can improve style in both the interior and exterior of the home. Replacing them with features that have a higher energy efficiency rating can also be beneficial. This can be a more expensive improvement to make, but keep in mind that there may be rebates and tax benefits associated with some of these improvements.

Reduce the Glare of the Sun

The intensity of the sun on your home can create issues with heating and cooling. For example, in the winter months, one side of the home may be heated up more quickly by the sun, and this can cause some HVAC systems to function differently to offset the impact of the sun. In the summer months, the heat of the sun on the home can result in the HVAC system having to function in overtime. Planting trees on the side of the home that receives direct sunlight in the peak of the afternoon is a great idea. You may also invest in window treatments that more effectively block the sun.

Upgrade Your Lighting Solutions

A final solution to consider to make your home more energy efficient is to upgrade your lighting solutions. Your home's lights may run for many hours per day. Make use of skylights and solar tubes to include more natural sunlight in your home during daytime hours. In addition, replace light fixtures and bulbs with LED or CFL options. These can drastically reduce the energy consumption for your home's lights.

The cost of these improvements can vary, but the savings that they can provide to you through the form of energy conservation can be significant and on-going. If you have been looking for ways to lower your home's energy bills now and in the future, think about implementing some of these fabulous ideas soon.

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