Mar 14, 2015

Spiral Staircase to Add Wow Factor to Your Interior

Having a spiral staircase in the interior of the home in now becoming the first choice for many homeowners. Out of all types of staircases, for example straight, open, curved, cantilevered and spiral the most preferred among the homeowners, architects, and developers is the spiral staircase. The spiral staircase creates charm and adds a Wow factor in the interior of the home. These opulent staircases give a bold look to the architecture of the home with a warmth touch of beauty.

In this modern trend, a staircase have become the central design feature that transform the whole interior to add a wow factor. Different types of spiral staircases are available in steel, glass, timber, copper or aluminium – endless designs have been opened up by clever designer and engineers, who turned the staircase into the most important part, making it focal point of the house.

Staircases are usually the first thing you see when you enter the house. As you most frequently use it, you would not want it to be boring and old looking. Spiral staircases are designed meticulously, revealing all the curved features, moulding designs and its structure. Because this type of staircases is used more often for a decoration purpose or a sculpture piece, it best looks in open space or in the centre of the home.

It is very necessary to have the staircase in the right location of the house, a poorly located just only create a mess in the house and obviously gives less utilization of space. A perfectly placed staircase gives your interior a perfect proportion and style. Spiral staircase acts as an architectural centrepiece in the house, these staircases just like other ornaments and decors, it plays a very crucial role in the overall design scheme of the home.

Modern designs of spiral staircases are available in aluminium rims and glass stairs, rim and metal stairs, Cast iron staircases, wooden staircases. Steel and concrete are other elements for modern staircase designs. Wooden staircases are most preferred by the designers because of their elegant look and ability to be more functional and beautiful. Steel staircases are stylish and give a cutting edge look, they are most usually used in modern homes. Glass is another chic material for the wonderful staircase designs, it creates your staircase a focal point. One can choose the material for staircase according to its taste and according to what suits their home interior best.

From the decent to the funky, beautiful to the sleek, there are endless spiral staircase designs available to add charm in your home. Using good focal lights at the staircases enhance its look, you can also jazz them up using multi-tonal palette and combination of dark and light colours. Recent surveys have shown, spiral staircases are the most demanded feature for modern home designs amongst the buyers. Just because of its ability to create a charm, charisma, elegance, gracefulness and wow appeal in home interior, more and more people are now opting to have a spiral staircase while redesigning of their home. 

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