Feb 20, 2013

Five Weekend Home Improvement Projects

I’m not the most handy person ever – I’m a stay-at-home dad who does real estate investing on the side – so I’m not going to claim I know every in and out of home improvement projects. I have somewhat of a common knowledge of what goes into the small repairs around the house, but if you think I’m one of those do-it-all type of guys, forget about it.

What I can tell you is this – I may not be able to lead a real estate investing course on home improvement projects, but this stay-at-home dad isn’t the dumbest guy on the block. If I can knock out a few weekend warrior projects around the house, so can you.

Here are five projects that may only take one day of the weekend, depending on how much effort you put into them:
Add extra lights in house
Lights are always a necessity when trying to make your house look better and more spacious, and this is relatively a very easy project. Replacing chandeliers are easy, whether you buy them at a Home Depot or Lowe’s, and they add a beautiful accent to any room. Even if it is just adding corner lamps or dimming lights to an already lit room, it always is a nice addition for any room in the house.

Garage storage
This is such an easy project, in fact I would even go out on a limb and say it doesn’t even take a full day (yes, I can say that on experience). Go to your neighborhood Wal-Mart or Target and you will find an array of shelving and storage units that will help clean up the clutter in the garage. You can either purchase generic plastic shelving that snaps together and is useful for tools, shoes, extension cords, etc., or you can actually buy shelves that are easily hung. Hell, even I know how to drill a hole, level it, and hang a shelf or two. This is very inexpensive yet it will make so much of a difference.

Install a new faucet in kitchen
No matter whether this is your first home or third home, whether you built it or it is a re-sale, kitchen faucets always seem to find a way to leak. They can be the most expensive type or the run-of-the-mill faucet, but inevitably it will end up leaking. You can easily replace your current faucet at a relatively cheap price, and this project would only take a few hours. Not only will it stop the annoying leaking from the edges, but it will also add an enhanced look to your kitchen. Just make sure when you are purchasing the new faucet that it is the same style of your current one, or you will be back in the car going and getting a new one real quick.

Patch up holes in walls
Every house is going to have a small hole in it, whether you nicked it moving furniture or you messed up hanging the family picture over the years. It happens to all of us, and this is an easy project to take on for a weekend. Take a stiff-blade knife along with some surface compound and spread it over the small holes in the wall. Before painting over it, you might want to let it sit for several hours so that it is firmly in place and dry before trying to cover it with paint.

Add ceiling fans
This isn’t the easiest one (at least with my experience) to make happen, but it definitely is the most noticeable one that adds a great d├ęcor to any room in the house. I actually had to have a buddy of mine help me because I am no electrician (make sure the electric is turned off when installing!), so I did lean on him for some help. Regardless, we knocked out three ceiling fan installments over a weekend. Not only do ceiling fans help you save on heating and cooling costs for your house, but it also adds a beautiful touch to an otherwise basic ceiling.

About the Author:  Doug Chapman is a staff writer for HomeDaddys, a stay-at-home dad blog.  He specializes in diapers and Sippy cups by day, but is a successful real estate investor by night. 
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