Feb 25, 2013

How to be Consistent with Furniture and Decoration

This article explores simple techniques and suggestions for making a room consistent in terms of color and theme.

When carrying out home improvements it is essential that the furniture you buy and the decorations you choose complement one another. This article gives some tips and hints on ensuring that colour and theme are consistent with one another and matching furniture with interior decoration.

Choosing the right colour palette

Getting the colours right in a room is a difficult task and is often dependent on the furniture you have available. But first of all let us think about some colour palettes that work well together.

For a room with lots of natural light, go for pure white walls, with some earth coloured soft furnishings and wooden floorboards. Look to
buy sofas online for a range of colours which match the ambience of the room.

Use pastel or terracotta colours in the wall or ceiling paint in order to add some extra warmth into the room. Pastel wall colours need not be too stark or bold. Try picking a colour which is just off the colour of the flooring below.

Blues and greens are great to bring life and energy into a room, especially in a bathroom, kitchen or conservatory. Match with either a white ceiling or white floor.

When going for primary colours such as bright red, yellows, blues and greens, there is a lot of room for creativity. Just make sure to be consistent with the vibrancy and keep everything bold and illuminating. If you need to tone it down a little, go for splashes of plain white, rather than dark, earthy or pastel colours.

Deep reds and earthy colours can bring a lot of warmth into a room, especially when combined with rich wooden furniture and thick cream or earth coloured carpets. Be sure not to let deep colours suffocate all the light in a room. If this is the case pick a spot which can be illuminated using light pastel colours.

Furnishing and fixtures and fittings.

In any room with a light or pastel colour theme, it is essential to keep any soft furnishings crisp, clean and simple. Avoid fluffy, bulky or elaborately patterned furnishings. Instead go for bold, indiscreet furniture and let the natural light filling the room do the talking.

Wooden furnishings often add a lot of character and vitality to a room, but should always complement one another tonally. When choosing the right flooring a light wooden flooring or carpet will bring out the features of dark wooden furniture whereas a dark floor will bring life and vitality into light wooden furniture.


The main thing when choosing any colour scheme is to make sure that it is consistent and one that suits you. Always be prepared to try things out, match up different items of furnishings with different floors and walls.

Shirley is a seasoned homes and interior decorations writer. She has been offering advice on homes and interiors, writing for a range of websites and blogs. She also runs her own interior designs consultancy company and always advises customers to shop around and buy sofas online in order to access the diverse range available.

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