Feb 19, 2013

Top 5 Interior Design Trends of 2013

Change is the way of life and everyday, you get to see changing patterns, decoration ideas and changes in lifestyles. This brings in new decoration techniques involving new materials and trends, which, even though they replace old trends, are inspired by them. Given below are the modern top 5 interior design trends of 2013 –

1.           Fabric Print Trends – Patterns and designs are a symbolization of the changes and they create a unique interior. Animal prints are associated with aristocratic style and luxury. These prints add chic to the modern Interior decoration and design.
Home decoration using pastel colored fabrics, vibrant floral designs, fabrics that give the effect of watercolor painting, patterns with animal prints and stripes and others are some of the most popular modern interior decoration trends of the year 2013.

2.           Luxury Home Accent Trends– Interior decoration trends symbolizing happiness, prosperity and success are golden colors and finishes. The golden color symbolizes joy and happiness. They brighten up the interiors and add energetic accents to the interior of a home.

3.           Interior Color Trends – Interior decoration color trends for the year 2013 are yellow, greenish and reddish yellow, peach, reddish brown, peach, orange and peach. These modern design color choices give home interiors a glamorous look. Color combinations like deep blue and emerald green, purple and turquoise, elegant gray with soft cream and red and yellow will be the 2013 trends.

4.           Recycle Design Trends – To bring in new trends, you don’t have to get rid of the old. You can recycle and reuse old furniture, home decoration accessories to give your home a new look. They will enhance the beauty of your home.  Brainstorm with friends and your family and check out what everyone comes up with. You may get some ideas that suit your budget and your home. 

5.           Eco-Friendly designs and products – Another popular trend of 2013 is using eco friendly products and designs. Combine contemporary with the old. Use the technology available to create new and modern designs using old furniture and products. Create eco-friendly designs and products and encourage other to do the same. Do your bit in repairing this world.

6.           Natural Materials with Traditional Designs – The modern interior decoration trends of 2013 include local wooden furniture that is created using traditional process. The focus is on handmade crafts that make use of local materials, natural colors. Take traditional home décor ideas for inspiration.
Local artisans creating vintage style crafts, home accessories, furniture, closets and others will bridge the gap between the traditional and modern. This will not only give your home some contemporary designs but will also work towards protecting the environment and give life to dying arts.

For other innovative interior design ideas for your home, you can click here. The décor from the 40s to the 60s with French style accessories, lighting, décor, with stylish colors, designs that also include country style decorations in combination with contemporary ideas can also make any home look good and elegant. The homely feel of the retro years with the elegance of the modern years adds eclectic ambience to the homes of 2013.
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