Feb 27, 2013

Choosing the Right Bathroom Furniture

They can come in all colours, shapes and sizes. Some people like them ladened with luxuries whilst others prefer a simpler more minimalistic approach.
One thing is for sure, the bathroom is a vital part of any home.
It’s where you spend the majority of your time cleaning and preparing yourself for each day. It is a space that most could not do without.
With this in mind it’s no surprise that people are particularly picky when it comes to choosing what bathroom furniture they have within their bathrooms.
Spatial Awareness
However you prefer your bathroom to look, selecting the right style of furniture is important.These fixtures and fittings will have a huge impact on not just how the room looks, but how you interact with the space as well.

The style, size and type of furniture you choose will obviously depend on the available space.Whether you’ve got a lot of spare room to work with or just a little, you will have to factor this in to your decision making process.

Make Some Room
There are many advantages to having a smaller bathroom, for one thing it’s much easier to keep clean. For those of you with limited space, you’ll be looking for ways to make the most of what you have.

Storage is the key point to consider here. You’ll want to invest in lots of smart storage options that give you plenty of room to go about your business whilst not sacrificing any of the area’s aesthetics. You don’t have to hide everything away, but you do want to be able to keep things tidy.

Super Storage
Under-sink cupboards and mirrored cabinets combine storage capabilities with usability and allow you to stow away toiletries without taking up that much needed space.The use of mirrors will also help visually expand the room, making it feel bigger than it is.

Corner modules and built-in laundry compartments allow you to store items in a space that you might not consider usable at first. Install a wall-mounted towel radiator and you’ll be able to hang out your towels (wet or dry) whilst you bathroom heats up.

If floor-space is a problem, don’t be afraid to fit some shelves above your fixtures. Just be sure to choose a material that fits with the rest of the bathroom’s style, such as frosted glass or chrome on light coloured tiles.

Have Some Fun
People with larger bathroom spaces have plenty more freedom when it comes to design and furniture choices. This extra space gives a lot more room for manoeuvre when it comes to choosing fittings.

Classic brass tubs or ultra-stylised slick baths offer a great focal point for the room, whilst paired sinks fitted into long workstations give everyone enough room to get ready in peace. These are ideal for busy couples who need to be ready fast or for those who share their bathroom space.

If you’re looking to add a little more character to your fixtures, you could always opt for attractive handles and faucets. Sleek chrome cupboard handles suggest a certain level of elegance and traditional taps can turn an ordinary sink into a work of art.

Stay Focussed
With so much space it can often be hard to stick to one style, and it’s important to remember that it’s as much about the colour palette as it is the materials used. Whilst timber fittings bring a natural elegance and softness to your lavatory, marble or geo-stone offer a fantastic blend of classic and contemporary. Whether you use laminate, marble, geo-stone or timber, make sure that all your furniture matches up for the most eye-pleasing effect.

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This Guest Post was written by The Utopia Bathroom Group, a leading manufacturer of luxury bathroom furniture.
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