Feb 14, 2013

5 Tips to Interior Design Your Home on a Budget

Many first-time home buyers or renters in London try their best to save some money and manage to finance the interior decoration of their homes. While renters have limited choice only and can make the use of furnishings and accessories to add that personal touch to their rented residential property, home buyers have more choice and in fact, more than choice, sometimes they really need to interior decorate their home to make it loveable and attractive.
However, young families or working couples may find it tough to allocate enough money to redo their homes and don it with luxury items like a reclining sofa, a revolving table and many such items. What comes as a respite here is that you don’t necessarily have to hire an interior designer to make your house look like a home. With a little creativity, perseverance, and effort, you can give that designer look to your home yourself. Here are some tips you will find useful in becoming a decorator of your home:
1.   Decorating the Walls – This is like the life of your home. The walls of any interiors definitely create the first impression on a person. You can opt for wallpaper which is available in numerous designs and use it to decorate the walls. But good quality wallpapers may cost dearer if used in the entire house. So what can you do? Well, you can start with painting your walls neutral. Choose one of the walls which is like the most prominent one, and paint it with a contrasting bright colour. Or, you could also cover one wall with contrasting pretty wallpaper which will not only look stunning, but also will not pinch your pockets. Alternatively, you could also check out Wall Decals (vinyl stickers) and use them. But make sure you don’t go too low on the quality just to remain on the cheaper end.
2.   Flooring – If you happen to get awful flooring in the apartment that you are planning to move in, then you could opt for wooden flooring which looks neat and is easy to clean as well. But you will have to be careful about choosing the variety of wooden flooring which can fit into your bill. Otherwise, you could use a cheaper alternative and cover any ugly patches on the floor with a carpet of a rug which will be an economical buy and can be purchased online from any interior design company in London. You can even choose a design to complement your wall paint.
3.  Furniture & Furnishings – Furniture is an integral part of interior decoration after taking care of the basic infrastructural decoration, and good quality furniture is a little expensive. But the good news is that even second-hand furniture picked up at the garage sales or furniture stores can be modified to look lovely. Try painting the furniture with a bright colour to give a splash of vibrancy to your neutral wall paint. Just make sure you don’t go overboard in adding brightness! And then choose your furnishings carefully to give a classy look to your home. Furnishings can be purchased online from a leading London Home Staging Company for a better deal.
4.  Lighting – One of the much undermined steps in interior decoration, lighting can make an incredible impact on brightening the home’s appearance. The best thing is that you can buy cheap lights, just focus on the type of lighting you should use out of ambience lighting, accent lighting and task lighting.
5. Garnish with Accessories – Items like photo frames, mirrors, vases, artwork, etc. are fairly affordable and available in a huge variety online and at local stores as well. Their magical effect of enhancing the home interiors is unbelievable yet affordable. You can stick your budget and still find beautiful accessories.

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