Feb 23, 2013

Top 8 Tips to Paint Your Home

The easiest way to make your home look attractive is to paint the interiors. It is such a small thing but can be very expensive if you make mistakes, not to mention the strained neck. The choice of colors, the brushes and way you prepare to paint, all contribute to a good interior job. Follow the detailed tips given below and ensure a well-done paint job –

  1.   Remove All Fixtures – Before you begin painting, you have to prepare the house for it. Remove all the fixtures and the faceplates. Put a tape over those fixtures that you cannot remove. Painted fixtures and faceplates do not look good. A small preparation ensures that the painting is done properly.

  2.   Prepare Properly – When you prepare well, you can expect a good finish. Ensure that the surface is clean and that it is not flaky. If there are cracks on the wall, then fill them up with a good filler. It is necessary to apply primer over the wall before you begin painting.

  3.   Protect Your Brushes – it is easy to ignore the brushes when you are painting but they are very important for this job and thus, you must ensure that you take good care of them. When you are between coats, don’t wash them or leave them in the thinner. Put the brushes in a Ziploc pouch and secure them properly.

  4.   Keep an Old Rag – Painting is messy and an odd drop may fall here and there. You must keep an old rag with you and wipe the surface where the paint drips. Wiping it immediately ensures that there is no unsightly stain.

  5.   Keep The Corners Wet – As far as possible, keep the corners wet and work into them. If you paint over an area that has already dried, you can have overlapping stripes that don’t look good.

  6.   Use Good Quality Materials – It is easy to cut corners and choose bad quality materials just to save money. But that can actually be an expensive proposition. The interior job can be botched up if you use low quality materials. Use good brushes and paints.

If you are a beginner painting your house in Orlando, you can talk to a good and experienced painter before you start. So, who is the best Orlando painter? Simple! The best painter will know his work well and take care of all the basics and the quality of work.

  7.   Apply a Base Coat after Laying Tape – When you are taping, you need crisp lines. For this, apply a base coat after laying the tape. After this , you can apply top coat. When you lay the tape, the base color leaks and seals the tape giving a contrasting color. This results in crisp lines.

  8.   Power Roll – Finally, roll paint using a power roller. It is an inexpensive option and very effective. It also saves a lot of time.

When you are planning to paint, always have someone to help you so the painting is done well and quickly. Follow the above tips and you will have done a good painting job even if you are a beginner.

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