Feb 28, 2013

5 Essential Items for Home Bicycle Maintenance

We've all overpaid for bike repairs in the past, it's not always practical to get down to the shed and change that set of tyres. There are some basic bits of kit that can save you time, money and a few headaches. You can save on some of the items listed by shopping with Castelli cycle clothing.

It's not just the squeaky wheels that should be getting the grease, indeed regular application of this household brand should ensure your bike never makes those unpleasant groans. A large can of the stuff shouldn't set you back more than a few pounds and should ensure you keep your bike rust free, shiny and changing gears smoothly.

A Helmet
OK, so this one isn't strictly essential to keeping your bike in good condition, but it is fundamental to keeping you in good condition. A car isn't quite safe without a hood to cover the engine so why should your bike's engine go unprotected? There are a selection of fetching helmets available from Castelli cycle clothing so there really is no excuse to ignore this fundamental safety feature.

A Bike Pump
Tyre maintenance is essential to keeping your bike comfortable and fast. Pumps come in all different shapes and sizes to cater to different sections of the cycling community. You should certainly own a pump if you are serious about keeping your bike in working order and, if your prepared to spend a little extra, a pump with a good locking mechanism could save you a few inner tubes.

Tyre Levers
These great little bits of kit will ensure you don't break any fingernails or scuff up your silverware when changing your tyres. Strictly not essential, due to the wonderful versatility of the teaspoon but a very useful addition to any cyclist's shed. Tyre changes are quick and painless with these little beauties and, since they're dirt cheap, they're definitely worth the couple pounds most shops will charge you for the time they'll save you alone.

A 15MM Spanner
Easily the best tool I've ever purchased for less than 5 pounds. These portable convenient spanners will allow you to remove the wheels and pedals of your bike and are surprisingly useful for other little bits of DIY around the home. One of these little babies is essential to fixing that most common of all bike problems, the flat tyre. It truly isn't worth going without a 15MM spanner for the meagre chunk of change one will set you back. Often available in local cycle shops next to those eye-catching castelli cycle clothing products; although it may be worth heading to your local hardware store if you're a bargain hunter. Local cycle shops tend to sell more expensive higher quality spanners, whereas your local hardware store will probably be the best bet for a cheap functional spanner.

AUTHOR BIO : Diyana Levi has written a selection of articles on travel and sport for a number of websites. She also occasionally writes pieces on local history and the popular attractions of rural England's lesser known tourist spots. Diyana is a keen cyclist and an advocate of Castelli cycle clothing. She also enjoys football and supports the Suffolk based ITFC.
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