Feb 1, 2013

How the Growth of Online Shopping has Changed Our Lives

The advent of online shopping has not been a slow burning revolution. In barely ten years it has become the accessible, available and acceptable way to shop. Mark Tait explains why we are a nation of online shoppers.

Time is money
I will always remember my father's attempts at Christmas shopping when I was young. He was a busy man, who worked hard and provided well for his family. Yet, he worked so hard that he would leave little time to carry out the oh-so-important task of purchasing gifts for his wife. My mother became well trained in feigning joy at a box of chocolates and the first scarf my father could find year after year. But things are very different now now my mother does not have to pretend as my father is a capable online shopper with a world of choice at his fingertips. And he is not alone.
Statistics tell us that one in every ten pounds spent is done so online. The convenience of online shopping is undeniable and the time it saves invaluable. Many people work long hours in offices that do not allow the luxury of trawling the high street for the perfect gift. For those who live in rural locations, each and every type of shop is now open to them. And no longer do we have to suffer the ignominy of settling for something in one store only to find the perfect item in the next. So whether it is buying birthday cards online or doing the weekly shop online, it seems that anything is possible.

Never forget
Even the most organised person must have forgotten a birthday or anniversary at some point. In the past, the panic would have been palpable. In the car, to the shops, get present, get wrapping, get card, get home. Phew. But then? Forgot sellotape, forgot stamps, missed post! Grrr. But the beauty of online shopping renders these issues somewhat archaic. It is the work of moments to choose birthday cards online. Furthermore, a number of websites allow you to personalise cards and will even post them for you. You may never need to buy stamps again.

The price is right
A worry when
online shopping was still in its infancy was the question of security is it safe to put your card details into the computer when anyone could be watching? It is a query that makes sense, yet online shopping is now safer than ever and as long as guidelines are followed your details will remain private and protected.

In addition to this, online shopping allows the customer to shop around for the most competitive prices out there. Whether it is something small or large, the internet is the place to find it. Similarly, if it is on the other side of the world it is not a problem. Online shopping really is limitless.

The benefits of online shopping are endless. And if you are one of the few who has yet to experience the advantages of shopping online from the comfort of your home -it is time to join the revolution.

AUTHOR BIO : Mark Tait is an Economics lecturer who writes on the topic of trends in consumerism for a range of websites and magazines. He has been married for five years, mainly because he remembers at the last minute to buy birthday cards online and is a father of two.

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