Mar 1, 2013

Things You Should Know before Signing up with a Moving Company

 Moving to a new place need not be a back-breaking chore if you let Montreal movers take care of everything for you.
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Countless people have complained that their moving company treated them unfairly or asked them to pay more than what was agreed upon. While this may be true for some, you can avoid falling into the same trap if you do your own research and read up on common terms used in the moving business – and understand fully what each one means before you fill out the paperwork.

Another important thing to remember when hiring a moving company is to thoroughly read the contract and terms and agreements before you sign it
says Once you sign those documents, there's no turning back, even if there are some loose clauses there that could turn into loopholes against your favour. Read even the fine print, and if something does not sound right to you, ask the manager or owner before inking a deal with them.

Flat Rate vs. Hourly

Moving the contents of a house or office is a back-breaking task. Depending on the agreement you have with your moving company (some packages include packing the items for you, while some companies only offer moving services), the work can be anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days. In this case, it would be better to ask upfront if the company, Montreal Movers, for example, would be charging a flat fee for the move or if the rate will be computed based on the number of hours actually worked by the moving team.

In some cases, the fees also vary between weekdays and weekends. Ask the moving company upfront if they employ this method, and you might want to adjust your schedule to save a few hundred dollars in the moving process.

Liabilities and Schedules

Antiques, heirloom carpets, and other valuable items should not be damaged or destroyed during the move. Once you have signed a contract, your moving company is now liable for the safety of the items you have declared. The amount of liability differs from one moving company to the other, and also on the number of items covered. You can speak to the moving company's customer service manager about this if, for example, you have concerns about the safety of some of the finer items in your house. For truly valuable items, the company normally draws up an extra insurance plan for additional protection.

How long should the move take? When contracting a moving company, be sure to ask them what their delivery window is for your items. This should be very specific and precise since most moving companies offer some sort of rebate or discount if the items arrive beyond the prescribed time.

Full Service Moves

Most modern moving companies now offer full moving services. This takes hours of packing, wrapping, and stuffing off of your plate and normally just costs a few extra dollars on top of the moving fee. Full service means that the moving company will unpack and set up your home or office items for you at your new address. This is called moving without breaking a sweat!

Moving companies like Montreal Movers are around to make the process of moving less painful and time consuming for you. However, it is important that customers do their due diligence when scouting for removal companies and signing a contract with one..
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