Mar 8, 2013

Cleaning Services in London Explained – Different Problems, Different Solutions

Cleaning services in London may apply to domestic or industrial/commercial services. They can range from single instance cleaning, for example an end of tenancy clean or a spring clean, to regular cleaning. They can be used to provide specific assistance in identifiable instances, such as the biannual cleaning of a pub carpet; or they can be used to deliver backup for the running of a business.
In essence, then, cleaning services in London are used whenever a home or business in the area requires assistance with its cleaning more than it requires the money it would have to spend to pay someone else to do it.

There is a sense in which, from a businesspoint of view anyway, cleaning services represent one of the oldest and most commonly used forms of outsourcing. If outsourcing is defined as farming specific work out to people and organisations that have made an industry out of that work – in other words, letting the exporters take care of what they do, so the hirer can get on with his or her own area of expertise – then cleaning is probably one of the industries that started it all.

It would, of course, be possible for a London based business to do its own cleaning – just as it would be possible for a busy household to do its own cleaning. All that is required is a box of cleaning stuff and a spare hour or two.

The problem, of course, is that no business has a spare hour or two. Why pay employees, who should moreproperly be engaged doing work that directly results in money coming into the employing company, to clean when you can get others to do it and do it better?

Because there are, of course, advantages to using cleaning services in London that go beyond the metre convenience of not having to do it yourself. Key to these advantages is the concept of expertise – hence the whole outsourcing comparison, which relies on the idea that any area of expertise not immediately relevant to a company or a person can be farmed out to someone to whom it is relevant.

In cleaning terms, expertise relates to time. The better a person is at cleaning, the shorter he or she takes to do it. This represents a double benefit for the hiring company. If it allowed its own employees to clean the office, they would doubtless do a good job. But they would also do it slowly. By paying a professional company to do it, the hiring company doesn’t simply free up its own workers to do what they are paid to do – it also cuts down the overall time spent on cleaning every month or every year, and so essentially gets better value for the cleaning investment it has set aside.

Cleaning services in London may also provide better equipment than the equipment that would be used by a company, or by a homeowner. In this respect, such services are analogous to equipment hire as well as to labour outsourcing.

Author Bio: Sam Duckworth has numerous articles and blogs on cleaning services in London to his credit. His writings are well researched and informative.
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