Mar 5, 2013

How to Create a Chic Look in Your City Apartment

You may have found the perfect apartment, but now it's time to turn it into your perfect home. There are many advantages of living the city life, but it can be difficult to know how to style an apartment, particularly if your rental agreement limits the changes you can make. These tips will help you to create a contemporary but comfortable home in your city abode. 
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Choose Stylish Storage 
The chances are that space is at a premium in your city apartment. Rather than filling every available space, keep that modern look by making your furniture fill more than one role. A stylish dining table, such as those from Emblem Furniture, can also be used as a desk or workspace. A coffee table can provide storage if you choose an ottoman-style design or one with shelving underneath. Beds are great for storage, whether you choose a divan-style bed with built-in drawers or a freestanding bed with space underneath for trunks and boxes. Apartment living is all about creating a stylish home, so don't ruin it with clutter. 

With your furniture and storage is all in place, you can really put your personal stamp on your apartment. Even if you're renting and therefore limited in what you can do, there are still plenty of ways in which you can personalise your home. Adding a rug is a great way to soften a room and will look particularly good if you're lucky enough to have wooden floors. Rugs instantly add warmth to a room and are a good way to add a flash of colour to a neutral decor. Soft furnishings work in a similar way. Cushions are a cheap and easy way to instantly brighten up a room and can help you to personalise your surroundings even if you're apartment comes already furnished. Throws or woollen blankets folded on a shelf or draped across sofas are another homely yet stylish touch. You may not be able to alter the ceiling or wall lighting but floor or table lamps are an excellent option. Clever positioning of lamps can really add depth to a space. Try placing a small lamp on a bookshelf or putting a floor lamp in an alcove or dark corner. The right lighting creates a cosy atmosphere and welcoming environment. If your apartment has curtains, you may be able to swap these for your own if you keep the originals safe to put back up when it's time to leave. 
 Wall Decor  
Add Some Wall Decor 
Some landlords will let you put up pictures, providing you make the walls "good" again when you leave. But even if your rental agreement forbids this, there are things you can do to break up blank wall space. Unframed art prints and posters can be stuck to the wall with special sticky pads which don't leave marks when removed. Re-usable wall decals are now widely available and add a contemporary focal point to walls.  

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