Mar 23, 2013

All the Answers You’ve been Looking for Regarding Work Accident Compensation Claims

Suffering an accident at work can be highly damaging. Not only can it physically injure you but it can cause you a lot of mental pain as well. You are meant to feel safe in your work environment. After all, part of the employer’s job is to ensure his or hers’ staff members are in a protected working environment. When you suffer an accident it can be easy to feel like you have been deceived. You lose trust and confidence in your workplace. And, it is only right to seek work accident compensation. At the end of the day, if your injuries are through no fault of your own then you are more than entitled to. If you are unfortunate enough to experience an accident in the workplace then before you make your claim read on. This article offers several pieces of critical information that you are assured to find useful for your potential claim.

So, how does the claim process work? This is a question frequently asked but never answered and therefore people feel like they are embarking on an unknown journey and this often deters them from doing so. The truth is that every case is of course different. However you can get a general idea. You will need to gather as much information as you can. Write down a report if it makes it easier. Take pictures of your injuries. The solicitors you employ will then gather evidence regarding witnesses and what they saw. Once the necessary evidence has been gathered the solicitor will write a letter of claim to the person they and you believe to be liable for the accident you have experienced. From then on it all depends on how quickly and how easy the defendant is to resolve the issue with. Hopefully the defendant will be willing to settle the case out of court in a swiftly manner because they will not want to damage their business’s reputation. However, if things get tricky then it will be taken to the courtroom and decided there.

You must acknowledge how pivotal it is that you have to act quickly. You can’t dwell on whether to seek compensation for months and months. There is a time limit on every work accident compensation claim that is filed. Most of the time, you will be required to have everything settled and gone through the court process within three years. However, it is recommended you don’t leave it this long. Try to get things wrapped up as quickly as you can, this doesn’t mean you should rush though – be thorough and get everything right so you have no regrets.

The last thing you need to recognise is that there are no guarantees. There is no certainty that you will win your claim. However a good solicitor will tell you how good your chances are. This is why most people tend to go down the no win no fee route because they ensure they do not lose out no matter what the verdict is.

Hopefully this article will have answered all of the questions you have regarding work accident compensation. Most of the time, it is all of the simple questions that prove to be difficult to find the answers to. After all companies do not want to give away too much information because they want to entice you so that you use them.

Author bio – Diyana Hurley is a qualified freelance journalist. She used PHC Law to find information for this article. Visit this page to find out more.

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