Mar 19, 2013

Things to Know Before Moving to Milan

So you have decided to move to Milan to enjoy your expat living. Well, it is really a good choice as city of Milan is one of the great cities to enjoy your expat living. It doesn’t matter whether you want to move for earning or retirement; Milan offers the kind of life you want. Besides being a fashion capital, this city is known for business. Even though living in Milan is costly, it surely pays off for the money you pay. You will have easy access to restaurants, entertainments, hospitals and essential things that you need for easy living. There are many things you should know before you move to Milan.

Know the Culture
Knowing and understanding the culture of Italy can be really handy and it can avoid experiencing cultural shocks. So, try to know and understand the culture of Milan before moving to Milan. If you have considerable knowledge on Italian it can be very helpful. Most native Italians speak Italian and they don’t speak English much.  You can search the Internet and join online groups to know and understand the culture in Milan. Soon after moving to Milan, you can join any of the expatriate group so that you can learn and adapt the Milan culture quickly.

Know the Transports
Some people who moved Milan recently may find transport system quite difficult to complex. It is necessary to understand the road signs before you start moving in Milan. Most people use cars for transports and hence you can see many places with concentration of parked cars. Most time, you may not find place to park you car, especially during peak hours. Using bicycles are not good option and it can be even dangerous. This city has very few kilometers for bicycle track.

Cost of Living
Cost of living Milan is expensive. Therefore, before Milano Trasloco, it is necessary to plan your finance. You need to have a good financial backing to avoid or minimize the risk of getting under financial crisis. If you are Milano Trasloco for your education, then you can go for shared apartment which is a cheap accommodation option. If you want to reduce the accommodation cost, then, you can live in region where the accommodation are relatively lesser than those located in the center or heart of the city.

Know the Laws
The laws and legality differs with each countries and states. For example, in some countries the drinking age is 16 while in Milan the drinking age is 18. Similarly, Milan may have laws different from country you actually moving from. Before coming to Milan, understand the law of the land so that you can avoid being facing punishments or fine.  

Nowadays, Internet is there to offer helping hand for all those who are planning to move to Milan. There are exclusive websites where you can find information about the accommodations, jobs, colleges in Milan. You can also take part in online discussions, join online groups to share and get information regarding your prospective living in Milan city.
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