Mar 25, 2013

Insulation 101: Tips for a Cozy Home

A cozy home brings you a friendly and warm atmosphere. It also makes you feel comfortable because of its proper insulation, well-designed interior, and a good choice of lighting. But not only that, it also looks inviting to your guests and visitors.
In opting for a cozy home, you can go for warm colors and accents, make use of soft upholstered furniture, or perhaps add a natural element such as a terrarium. However, the most important thing that you should do toupgrade your home’s coziness is to improve your insulation, which is an essential factor in making it energy efficient.

Here are a few of the usual types of insulation that you can try in your home to make it cozier than ever.

1.   Add curtains and blinds

Lined curtains are meant to help keep warm air from entering and leaving through your windows. It also helps maintain a constant temperature while protecting your home from the four primary types of heat loss: convection, infiltration, radiation, and conduction.

On the other hand, blinds help keep warmth inside your house. There several types of blinds on the market. But, the most essential one for trapping air and reducing heat loss is the honeycomb or cellular blinds.

2.   Opt for UPVC doors

One of the leading qualities of uPVC doors is its capacity to provide greater insulating benefits. It is specifically designed to keep the heat in and the cold out. You will notice the difference between auPVCdoor and a traditional wooden door when your heating bills arrive.

3.   Double up your glazing

A single paned window alone cannot give your home the right amount of insulation. Why don’t you switch to double glazing? It actually consists of two layers of glass and can provide better insulation than single glazed units. Since double glazing is sealed, it becomes airtight.

4.   Seal vents and ducts

About 20% of heat moving through your duct and vent systems is lost because of poorly sealed connections and leaks. By sealing those leaks, you can prevent heated or cooled air from being wasted.

5.   Seal walls and ceilings

There are three kinds of insulation for your walls and ceilings. The first type is blanket insulation, which gives continuous vapor barricade. On the other hand, a loose fill barrier can seal wall space completely while spray foam insulation combats air infiltration and loss of heat.

Enjoy the warmth and comfort of your home with these insulating tips. These also lead you to achieving the coziness you’ve always wanted while making your guests and visitors feel welcomed and at ease as they enter your home.

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