Mar 19, 2013

Essentials for an Intimate Garden Wedding

Tying the knot in the great outdoors is not only a very scenic way to commit to your spouse; it is also a highly affordable one as well. Save yourself the hassle of booking a venue and simply host the ceremony and reception in a local garden or park instead. Of course, this type of wedding comes with its own considerations and issues which will have to be dealt with in the proper manner so that the big day goes ahead as desired.

Keep the Season in Mind

Since you are planning an outdoor event, you will definitely have to think about the weather. If arranging matters a year before you tie the knot, you can always check out conditions at your chosen park to see if everything is suitable for you and your guests. Of course, you should think about more than just the temperature. Here, the humidity and pollen count will also play a part in how successful your garden wedding is. After all, having a crowd of sneezing guests won’t make for a very romantic occasion.

Choose Your Style

One of the most attractive reasons for an outdoor marriage is the flexibility that it brings. Both formal and casual decor will fit in the natural surroundings you have chosen. Here are a few items that will help build an atmosphere that everyone will enjoy:

  • Paper lanterns will supply soft, romantic lighting in which your guests can still mingle and eat their dinner.
  • Candles are another good lighting alternative provided that you use some common sense with fire safety.
  • Stainless steel buckets are a chic way to store your ice and drinks so that everyone has access to refreshments.

Of course, these are just some of the handy items that can be used to make your wedding as formal or as casual as you desire.
Furniture Considerations

When it comes to outdoor wedding ceremonies and receptions, most people rent out the chairs and tables required. Instead, you can buy garden furniture which can then be used later on as well. The cost may not be that different either especially if you shop at a decent furniture store. The top retailers will supply you with everything that you need from outdoor dining sets to wooden benches. You might also want to add something different such as sofas or ottomans to your garden setting. Bringing the inside out will make for a very unique wedding atmosphere after all.

Dance the Night Away

Since this is a truly happy occasion, you will also have to make room for people to dance. Away from the outdoor chairs and tables, you should clear some space for people to get down when the reception reaches that stage. There should also be room for the DJ to work his magic as well. A good idea here will be to actually rent a wooden dance floor so that people don’t trip and fall in the dark. Just make sure that the grass underneath won’t be damaged and die as a result.

Have a Backup Plan

Finally, you should always have a contingency plan if the worst occurs. This is namely because your outdoor wedding is dependent on the weather. Instead of risking your guests having to cope with extremely chilly or wet conditions, think about what you can do instead. Rent a tent to place over the seating and dining area so everyone can continue to enjoy the reception despite the rain and cold. Alternatively, think about a secondary location (preferably somewhere indoors) where you can move everyone so that they are sheltered from the unfriendly weather conditions outside.

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