Nov 9, 2012

New Soft Furnishings to Brighten Up the Home

Soft furnishings are no longer just the icing on the cake. Modern homes employ curtains, hangings, rugs and more to highlight and contrast the decor of a room. From current trends to looking ahead to the new year, here are some of the latest fashions in soft styling around the home.

Contemporary Curtains

Patterns have been back in a big way for curtains this year. Imperial trellis, bold chevron motifs and damask print; features rather than plain panels have been popular this year and deluxe materials and trims have also made a comeback. Texture and tone is also big at the moment and look set to remain into the spring with layers and relief effects on-trend. Next season will see a return for neutral shades in the home and with this, the emphasis on natural fibres, texturing to create interest and sculptural effects will be explored. So think plenty of volume, tucks and pleating to draw the eye, rather than statement colours for your windows.

2012 has seen sheer curtains used in all sorts of inspiring ways as a contemporary alternative to net curtains in the bedroom, to ingenious layering over dark panels and modern blinds. Oriental inspiration has blossomed with a flourish, mixing light sheers with bold patterns, whilst there has been a surge of interest in bright accent colours such as teal and hot pink. Although floral prints are no longer seen as chintzy or traditional, these continue to be a classic of curtain design and here, warmer colours will prevail. Use sea-greens or warm hues like mustard and red to bring out the bold new feel for flowers.

Main Interior Trends
Although neutrals will be considered a home staple once more in 2013, the colour palette will not be limited to creams, taupes and beiges. Nature is set to inspire with detailed, botanical designs on furniture and wall decoration. Harking back to the Victorian penchant for classification, plants and natural elements feature heavily in the room designs for next year. A growing consciousness for the planet's resources is also demonstrated in materials such as feathers, bamboo and untreated wood around the home, which will work well in the warmer summer season.

Exotic themes will once again bring out peacock, teal, mulberry and deep purples in the home shops, whilst a prevalence for tribal motifs will introduce stark contrasts and geometric designs. American Indian embroidery and Aztec colours make this trend bright and richly cultural. There will be a rustic, cottage-industry emphasis on details like string and binding as well as hand-stitched looks and overlapping fabrics. Patterns of china blue and salmon red will sit cleanly on white backgrounds and will be seen all over the room; underfoot on carpets and rugs and above on lampshades and blinds.

So as this year draws to a close, there are plenty of exciting new trends to look forward to in the spring. Experimentation, diversity and a nod to cultural origins all over the globe will define the new season in home decor. With up-cycling and resourcefulness continuing to battle with luxury goods and excessive detailing, 2013 looks to be anything but dull on the home front.

Author Bio :
Anna Mathews is a writer for several home decoration blogs as well as regularly featuring on prominent interior design websites. Her penchant for collecting vintage furnishings for her own home (from 1980's standing lamps to antique net curtains) continues to feed her passion and her work.
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