Nov 8, 2012

Spruce Up Your Homes with Vintage Industrial Furnishings

A home’s personality depends on the home furnishings that are placed in each and every room. The same house can either look cold, new, warm, or lived in – you can change the atmosphere in an instance through home décor. This is why it’s extremely important to choose items that complement and blend well with each other. Décor that doesn’t fit in with one another can just become an eyesore and make a room look disconcerted and tasteless.

One interior furnishing fad that has won over many homeowners’ hearts is vintage industrial furnishing. It takes the best parts out of vintage Victorian design and metallic industrial décor and blends them together to form a unique, yet easy to match theme. This decorating style strangely goes well with each and every room of the house. If you look at showrooms on sites like, you’ll see that there are items for every room, from the living room, to the bathroom, and even your patio. So how can your home benefit from the effects of vintage industrial furnishing?

First off, vintage industrial pieces can warm up any room. This is especially beneficial to rooms like the living room, which need to be comfortable and inviting for your guests. You don’t have to go all out with these furnishings – a carefully chosen side table or shelf will do if you’re not too sure about this fad yet. While industrial pieces can actually make a room appear colder and more business-like, when it is mixed with vintage elements, it can make a place look comfortable, yet edgy. They make for great conversation pieces as well; there’s no denying that your neighbors and friends will want to talk about your furnishing, which look like replicas of post-war memorabilia.

The dining room is another part of your house which could use a bit of personality. More often than not, people think of the dining room as a utilitarian room and don’t do a lot of decorating in this part of the house, unless they’re used to entertaining guests often. On any normal day, people are used to just buzzing around the dining room, eating and then leaving. There’s usually no time to stop and appreciate any decoration and design theme that this room might have. However, there’s no harm in possibly buying a vintage industrial dining set. The materials commonly used in making tables from and other vintage industrial décor stores are extremely durable. Also, the shabby and rugged look this décor brings can be very beneficial to families with kids. Children are always prone to spilling, breaking and vandalizing things. The vintage industrial look is not about neatness, so grooves, blotches and cracks on your dining set won’t look so out of place.

It only takes one or two vintage industrial furniture pieces to completely turn a room around. A bare-looking bathroom can look alive with a vintage industrial cabinet or mirror. Your patio will never look plain again when it’s decorated with vintage industrial stools and replica signs. There’s no harm browsing through online stores that sell these quaint pieces – you might just find something that’s perfect for your style and preference.

Author Bio - Denzel Zurich is a renowned collector of vintage industrial furnishing and replicas of post war memorabilia. He frequents auction sites in search for exquisite finds, and is an avid follower of reputable manufacturers and distributors of vintage industrial décor like
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