Nov 5, 2012

The Trend of Building Custom Homes Lead in New Home Construction Trends in Florida

The sunny state of Florida has always been a favorite destination for settling down and Home building. This is due to the rising value of real estate in this part of the country, the availability of wide open green spaces, as well as excellent amenities, including a first rate school system. A lot of the new Construction that has taken place in the area has been following modern and futuristic trends. In keeping with a growing national trend of green home Construction, quite a bit of new Construction activity in the state is along those lines. To facilitate this, the Florida Green Building Coalition administers an FGBC designation. Initiatives like this help in the process of documenting green homes.

Another huge trend is the preference for Custom homes. In planning these homes, stress is laid on having an intelligent and innovative approach to Home building. A few salient features of what would constitute a custom built home are given below-

A fully custom home would be built using a brand new design, and there would be no element of referring to what is called a portfolio home.

Close coordination between the owner of the house and the designer about the design of the custom home.

Conforming to new-age building templates like energy efficiency.

Like in the other parts of the US, a lot of new age Construction techniques and materials are increasingly being used in the state of Florida.  A few examples, out of the many in different stages of implementation in new Property development are:

·         Using LED and even newer and more efficient lighting technology.
·         Use of robots in the building materials manufacturing process.
·         Use of fiber reinforced polymer composites
·         Use of solar paint.

The state of the home Construction industry has always been seen as the barometer of the health of an economy. However from an environmental point of view, the industry was always viewed with a lot of suspicion. Now, new age building materials and techniques, as well as revolutionary changes in house designing has changed all that. The housing industry is now increasingly acting as a harbinger of better things to come, with its eager acceptance and indeed deployment of technology, from the frontiers of science. This is as true of Florida, as any other state.

The growing trend of Custom homes ensures that there are no standard- size solutions imposed on a large mass of people. Active engagements between the builder, designer and home owner augurs well for everyone with better and optimal implementation of resources. So the perception that custom houses are more expensive to build, is not at all correct. There are a lot of top notch builders and designers whom you can consult on this. They will show you how to save thousands on account of reduced energy costs. Also the better and sturdier Construction designs increase the longevity of the house.
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