Nov 1, 2012

Looking for Best Air Source Heat Pumps in the UK? Read on!


Air source heat pumps are a great way of obtaining heat. All you need to do is place one outside a property, where it takes in heat from the air and raises it to a high temperature. The heat is then utilized inside to warm radiators and other heating devices like convectors. They are also used to heat water with greater efficiency. These run extremely efficiently on electricity.

Looking pretty similar to air-conditioning units, they are essentially comprised of a heat exchanger and a compressor. They also need a medium through which to transfer the heat. This could be a radiator or an under-floor heating system. Air source heat pumps can typically either convey the heat into a wet central system or circulate it inside the property as warm air by using fans.

When deciding to source air source heat pumps, you should take care to do so from a firm of repute like EOC Services, who have years of experience in this line, and offer a  five-year warranty on their Daikin products. These pumps more than pay back in a relatively short period of time. Consider the fact that air source heat pumps deliver four times the amount of energy they consume. This is because they generate the heat from a free resource, air.

This fact comes in handy if you decide to install air source heat pumps at a new construction, as that lets you conform to new building regulations quite easily, on account of their greater environment friendliness. Air source heating pumps are much cheaper to run than other sources of heating over the long run, particularly if you replace an electric, coal, or even LPG based system.

There are certain other innate advantages that this type of heating system offers over others.

It requires minimal maintenance and can both heat a building and provide hot water. And finally, it is better from a health perspective as it produces less carbon dioxide than the traditional heating systems.

Today, when there is a lot of talk going on about how to run our daily lives in a manner that is environmentally friendly and does not encourage over-dependence on fossil fuels, installing air source heat pumps is a significant step in this direction. If families and organizations across the UK decided to make the changeover to this nifty way of meeting their heating requirement, it would certainly send a positive signal to everyone.

This system of heating is also a godsend to remote towns and villages with limited access to gas. They do not have to pay for expensive oil to meet their heating requirements. They can instead use air source heat pumps. It surely is a win-win situation for everyone when it comes to these wonderful heating systems.

Denzel Zurich is a leading air conditioning expert from the United Kingdom. He’s an independent consultant in many air conditioning services firms in England and other parts of the UK. He advises people on EOC Services Air Source Heat pumps prices on a turnkey basis.

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