Nov 6, 2012

Create a Stylish Home but without the Huge Price Tag

Online Shopping

Online shopping is now big business, millions of us order our groceries, clothing and electrical items online, having them delivered directly to our door. There may be some things, however, that we have not considered shopping online for.

Shopping online for homeware is a great idea; you may be surprised at the deals available. Well known companies such as Mahahome which have been established for years selling big name brands from High Street stores now sell online. Cheap homewares delivered directly to your door, convenient and cost effective.

You may have noticed when shopping for groceries, that there is a wider choice of items available online than in your local store (unless you live near one of the 'super' stores). Buying online allows you more choice; it is easier to compare like for like and see the whole range. Your chosen item can be shipped directly to you without the hassle of tracking down the store which has your chosen item in stock.

High Street discount stores often sell very cheap versions of brand name homewares but these are very low quality and purchasing such items is often a false economy. They are cheap because they tend to be poorly manufactured compared to the real brand and made from cheaper materials. They will not last long and you will have to replace them very quickly. Brand items may cost a little more but they are a much better investment and may even last you a lifetime.

You won't find high quality brand names such as Meyer, Bodum and Brabantia in discount stores but they are worth a little extra for their quality. Before heading straight out for your nearest department store, however, why not have a look online and see if you can get a bargain.

Kitchen accessories in particular can really 'make a room'. You don't always need to change the tiles, buy new units or redecorate to cheer up ailing kitchen decor. Some new coffee mugs or storage jars, skillfully displayed can work almost like a complete makeover.

Kettles, toasters, coffee makers etc, now come in matching sets and are yet another way to liven up your kitchen. This option is certainly cheaper than getting the decorators in.

There is no getting away from the fact that some kitchen appliances are simply expensive and this is particularly true for food processors. A good quality, brand name food processor will likely cost you in excess of 100 so you will want to get the best deal possible. Shop online for huge discounts on such items.

As well as the aesthetic aspect of fashionable and high quality homeware, sometimes they are purely functional. Items such as bakeware are not something you would put on display but are essential to your kitchen nevertheless. Again, these items are often available in discount stores on the high street but due to their inferior quality, they are unlikely to last.

A good quality cake tin and/or baking tray, well looked after will last you many years. The same is true of saucepans. When it comes to these items, don't buy low quality, look for good quality at low prices by shopping online.

Anna Mathews writes regularly on home improvements for a range of interior design websites and blogs. "Stylish interiors and accessories don't need to cost the earth, shop online for good deals and cheap homewares".
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kimmy said...

i love online shopping... the problem is that it is so ADDICTIVE, hehe!

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