Aug 10, 2021

Small space tips and tricks to steal from New Yorkers


A studio apartment with a kitchen, dining room, and living room area.

It's challenging to downsize from a spacious suburban home to a small apartment. Many feel disappointed with their move because they ended up with many things and insufficient room. Having a smaller apartment is not as awful as it seems, though. Smaller apartments are easier to clean and maintain while also being generally cheaper. However, a lack of storage room for your belongings is a significant disadvantage. When it comes to places like New York, the rent can be pretty expensive, so most people opt for tiny studio apartments. Thus, space is considered precious there. This is why we will make a list of small space tips and tricks to steal from New Yorkers.

Declutter all unnecessary items

Small living spaces can be a hassle for any homeowner. This is especially true if you plan to move to NYC. Finding cheap apartments for rent can also pose quite a challenge. You will have to keep in mind that affordable housing in the Big Apple means you will have to sacrifice some space. To utilize all the space that you have in your tiny apartment, make sure to declutter! Decluttering can elevate any place, big or small, in NYC or anywhere else in the world.

Look through all of your possessions and discard anything that you no longer require. Make sure to donate and repurpose all the items you can. Having a minimalistic approach can always help with decluttering. Think about how many miscellaneous items like kitchen utensils, towels, and toiletries you realistically need and use.

Various kitchen utensils in a white, opened drawer.
Think about how many kitchen utensils you actually need and how many guests you can actually host in your tiny apartment. 

U.tilize vertical spaces

After you've said goodbye to all of your unnecessary belongings, you'll most likely still have items you cannot fit anywhere. This is the time to look around your small space and make use of every empty vertical space you may find. Shelves will become your new best friend because they are generally cost-efficient and easy to prop up. They can hold all of your miscellaneous items, especially ones worth showcasing.

There are many different types of wall organizers to choose from. However, do not worry about the labels because a kitchen organizer can be just as useful in the living room. Also, try to hang as many items as you can. You can find a wall organizer for anything from your bicycle to your shoes. And do not forget to utilize the wall space above your toilet. By the end of this step, you will feel much more settled in your new home.

Consider space-saving furniture

It is a great idea to find furniture that is appropriate for your tiny home. This means you will have to find smaller yet functional pieces. A smaller desk that fits into the corner of the room is perfect for a small space. Another smart idea you can implement is getting multiple smaller end tables instead of one big coffee table for your living room. 

Also, if you can purchase some multifunctional furniture, you will have much more space! A murphy bed is exceptionally versatile and can be quite a game-changer when it comes to maximizing your free space. A couch that can spread into a bed is a great alternative. If your current apartment lacks a sofa, now is a good time to invest in one that has storage space beneath the cushions. This way, you can have space for items that no one will even notice. If you have space under your bed, it might be a good idea to use it to store things like suitcases or boxes. Small apartments generally lack closet space, which can be a downside if you have kids. But don't worry, there are plenty of storage solutions, even if you have kids.

A woman using a laptop while lying on an extended sofa.
One of the most practical small space tips and tricks to steal from New Yorkers is to get multifunctional furniture like a sofa bed

Hang mirrors

Hanging mirrors is one of the most used small space tips and tricks to steal from New Yorkers. Mirrors are a highly useful optical illusion since they can make any space appear larger. An added element is they make your living space appear brighter by letting the light bounce around. Of course, it is essential to prop the mirrors up in strategic places. A few well-placed mirrors go a long way. Make sure to get the height right and place it in a well-lit area (like across a window) and never buy a mirror with a thick frame. To utilize space even more, you can find a mirror with a shelf on the bottom to store more of your precious items.

Opt for light colors

So, you've found a great mover through Best Movers NYC and moved into your new apartment in the Big Apple. You have also followed all the tips listed above, yet your apartment still seems cramped. This might mean you need to use lighter colors on your furniture, flooring, and walls. If you're decorating your new place, opt for lighter wood and colors in general. And if you have the option to -  paint over your dark walls. This will certainly make your small space seem larger. 

A light-colored living room and kitchen space.
To make your tiny space appear larger, choose bright colors when ever possible. 

Keep it clean

If you decide to follow any of the small space tips and tricks to steal from New Yorkers, the most crucial one to remember is keeping your space clean. You must maintain your cleaning routine whether you have selected minimalist home decor or not. Clean the windows, wash the carpets, dust, vacuum, change your bedding, and put away any items that are not in their designated place. Do all of this and do it more regularly! Also, invest in a decent air purifier to eliminate odors when cooking.  Your housemates will thank you for it.

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