Feb 4, 2014

Some Retro Gift Ideas for Your Dad

This Father’s Day, on 16th June, you may still be stuck wondering what to gift your dad. Try to invest in a gift that will not break the bank, but is guaranteed to bring a smile to the recipient’s face.

Some dads are fixated on the retro style of the sixties, seventies and eighties. For those dads who are nostalgic of their wonder years, here are some retro themed ideas as Father’s Day gift:
·     Retro sweets: If your dad loves liquorices, gift him liquorices hamper. Online stores also offer Retro style Sweet hampers filled with all the goodies your dad loved as a child and growing up. Retro sweet jars come with a choice of sweet options like jelly beans, coconut tobacco, wine gums, black jacks, Icy cups etc. You can sit back, and just order this retro style gift online.
·       Die cast cars: All boys remember their first cars with affection. If you can find out what was your Dad’s first car or his first favorite brand of car, you can create an excellent gift. You can get them a 1/8 or 1/16 scale version of the car cast in die. The good news about die cast cars is that there is a model to fit any budget from manufacturers like Replicarz, Maisto, Action and Burago.
·       Retro radios: The AM/FM radio from Crosley Audiophile provides great sound quality and has an additional input, which can serve as an Mp3 player’s or computer’s speaker. Some models are available within $50. Thus, these devices may be the poor man’s version of the Bose Wave radio. But if you want the original retro thing, there are many sites that sell high end radio kits and vintage radios.
·   Vinyl record player: Many audiophiles are of the opinion that vinyl record players provide ‘warmer’ sounds. Other music lovers enjoy the bigger covers and great artwork that come with vinyl records. If your dad has a secret collection of vinyl records, but no instrument to play them on, gift him a turntable.  Maybe they went out of style, but they are back in vogue and have a cool image.
·  Retro game consoles: Those were the days of super Nintendo entertainment units, Atari 2600 or Sega genesis.  The good news for retro lovers is that these retro games are back in vogue in a big way. Some of these games and their systems have been incorporated into units like the Atari flashback 4 which can be plugged and played in a computer.
·      Film cameras: This is the era of digital cameras. But some dads are nostalgic about film cameras. Despite the surge of digital photography, there is a vibrant niche for film photography. Enthusiasts for film cameras can enjoy the use of film cameras at a fraction of the cost of these cameras in retro era. Dads will enjoy taking pictures with film cameras. For Dads who are nostalgic about Polaroid pictures, gift the Polaroid cameras. There are some dads who are crazy about vintage effects of Instagram and they can recreate the photos with similar effect today with a cool lomography camera.
These are some retro themed gift ideas for your dad.

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