Feb 6, 2014

Experts in Tree Trimming – Kendall Homeowners’ Partners In Aesthetics And Safety

Trees offer several benefits to homeowners and the communities they live in. For one, they help beautify the environment and make it more liveable. Many seasoned real estate agents often tell property owners that a well-maintained garden, along with a few trees, can definitely increase a home's value. That is a definite advantage if you are thinking of selling your property in the long run.

Trees also play a vital role in the urban and suburban environment. They can help filter out harmful particles in the air and improve air quality. Their roots help prevent soil erosion. And, if you are a budding gentleman farmer, having a few fruit-bearing trees can readily provide you with some healthy and nutritious food.

However, there are instances when a tree can literally and figuratively take on a life of its own and pose hazards to the residents of a household as well as to other members of a community. In some extreme cases, tree removal, Coral Gables residents ought to know, is completely necessary to eliminate these hazards.

On the other hand, with the right tree service, Coral Gables residents can ensure the optimum growth of their trees without posing a hazard to people.

One of the most important tree services is tree trimming. Kendall homeowners will be glad to discover that trimming or pruning offers several benefits.

First, it promotes safety. In some cases, the branches of a tree can become entangled with the electrical wires. This can lead to fires when not remedied immediately. Second, dead branches can fall off. But apart from that, removing dead branches can improve your tree's health as trimming allows a tree's core to become sturdier as well as improve its ability to bear flowers and fruits. Finally, well-maintained trees are simply a sight to behold.

Ideally, trees should be trimmed at least once a year during dormant season. However, there are instances when pruning is highly advisable. This includes times when the branches obstruct the view of pedestrians and vehicles, when the limbs of the tree pose dangers to your property and family, and after a storm when the branches become entangled with power lines.

Of course, you can do the trimming by yourself if you have the tools and equipment necessary to safely accomplish the job. Otherwise, you can enlist the aid of expert arborists. This means that you do not have to shell out money to buy new equipment that you'll only use rarely. Neither should you have to fear for your safety nor guess whether you are doing the job correctly.

Author Bio: Kenneth Lawrence is a passionate “Handyman” and a writer. He also writes articles about home improvement, kitchen renovation, interior designing, appliances and fixtures, landscaping and gardening. To know more about tree removal, trimming and other services, he visits Bgtreesmiami.com.
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