Feb 19, 2014

Things to Consider in Remodeling Your Home Basement

According to Wikipedia, a basement is one or more floors of a property that are either totally or partly beneath the ground floor. Unfinished home basement is usually used as a storage or utility space. There you can find such items like heating, air-conditioning and electrical distribution system are placed. But nowadays, many homeowners desire to change their basements into more useful added living space such as a family room or entertainment room.
Renovating a basement needs times, effort and special budget, yet the outcome will be much valuable. Compared to just a storage or utility space at the bottom floor; a well-finished basement certainly adds value to your residence and gives benefits since at the same time you can enjoy extra space where the whole family can use.

Every homeowner who plan to invest money in basement improvement project; they need to make sure first that everything is done in the right way. Its moist environment makes basement a part of your property that most prone to wetness that may come in form of seepage, leakage and occasional flood. So, in making best use of each part of the basement area and getting the most value that you possibly can; property owners face several unique challenges that related to specific basement environment. 

To create a dry basement, there are things that you should set up. First, you must check for any dampness around the ceiling, walls and base of the basement. Make sure that each found fracture is fixed with some type of concrete compound. Perhaps you’ll need to install a drop ceiling, a drywall ceiling or even insulating your basement. If needed, precaution steps like arranging the flood protection and a sub floor can be considered.

Choosing the right flooring material to be installed over the concrete slab at the foundation of your basement needs more consideration. Of course, the chosen flooring option should go well with a moist environment.  That’s why the popular basement floor cover choices will be moisture resistant, mold resistant, warm on foot and simple to restore.  In other way, you can have warm floor by easily applying the radiant heat system. 

If you plan to create your basement as a beautiful and comfy family room, flooring experts suggest you to install quality engineered wood, laminate flooring or ceramic tiles. You may also choose carpet to obtain warmth and softness, but it won’t offer finest guard from moisture. Insistent homeowners may place carpet squares above the concrete; it will ease the replacing process when the water issue occurs. 

Residents live in and around Seaside, OR who searching for the right flooring option for their basement improvement projects may visit www.randallleesflooring.com first to see the complete flooring collection offered by Randall Lee’s Flooring America, the reliable flooring store nearby. Whatever your choice, the competent flooring store ensures every customer to gain well-guaranteed and well-installed flooring material product.

With the help of their skilled interior designers, flooring experts and installers, you will have a new stunning basement floor. Together with the proper furniture and lighting, you can attach coziness, warmth and comfort to a room which is frequently believed unfriendly, scary, dark and cold.  Enjoy your new stunning basement!
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