Feb 7, 2014

A Wardrobe can Make or Break a new Home

If you’re building a new home, now is your chance to install the right kind of wardrobe. There are so many uses for a good wardrobe; it’s worth taking the time to choose the right kind for your space and lifestyle. A built in wardrobe is neat and space-saving, but if you have the room, a walk in wardrobe is very luxurious.

A walk in wardrobe offers much more storage space, especially for women who may have lots of shoes, handbags and other accessories along with their clothing. If two people live in the house there will be more shoes, ties and accessories. It can have drawers, shelves and a walk in closet to keep everything out of sight. In some cases a walk-in wardrobe is used only for storage and the clothing is kept somewhere else. This is especially useful if you live in a place that has serious climate swings from icy cold to summer hot. You will need to store the clothing that you don’t use half the year. Some suggestions for a well-planned wardrobe are:

     Enough height for hanging garments
     Shelf space for hats, sweaters and handbags
     Drawers for socks and underwear

Drawers with dividers make organization easier and will help you find things quicker. Shoes may need special pocket hangers or racks. With a whole room dedicated to your clothing, you can save some space for jewellery and scarves. The room will need to have proper ventilation, so the clothing doesn’t get mouldy.

Lighting is important for both kinds of wardrobes. For the walk-in, you may need spots to highlight certain areas.

A built in wardrobe can be just a well-designed as your kitchen, but it’s usually not. If you are building your own home and you want to save space by installing built-in wardrobes, make sure they are properly designed. The type of door is also important. Doors can be made out of timber, glass, laminate, polyurethane and more. It may be nice to have a full length mirror on the inside or outside of the door. A sliding door will conserve more space and added drawers, shelves and cabinets will help keep your clothing and whatever else you store in there organised.

For those who haven’t much space and are keeping a tight rein on their budget, wall-hung wire storage units are ideal. They are attractive, affordable and can be customised. Shelves can be angled for shoes and flat for folded clothing. Storage units that are wall mounted can be shifted and changed as your storage needs change.

When you talk to your contractor about your wardrobes, mention your lifestyle. Are you busy working people who need a walk-in feature, do you have children who need easy to access sliding doors or is your space limited and you need innovative storage ideas?

There is a huge selection of design options for wardrobes and there is no reason you shouldn’t have a great, customised wardrobe in your new home. With a combination of hanging racks, pull-out shelves, shoe racks and drawers as well as special places for jewellery, hats and handbags, you will never be unorganised again.

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