Feb 21, 2014

Installing Hardwood Bedroom Floors for Your Allergic Child

If your loved one suffers a sort of allergy, a hypersensitivity reaction to a particular allergen, you should do things to avoid severer symptoms happen. There’s nothing sadder than seeing your child exhausted of sniffling and sneezing caused by his house dust allergy. Unfortunately, dust can be found anywhere inside your home. 


For your child, having a dust allergy is definitely no fun at all. Dust exposure can develop other symptoms like runny nose, scratchy, watery eyes and even activate worse asthma symptoms. It’s surely a worrying situation. You may install HEPA filter, vacuum the carpets or clean the whole house; but each doesn’t guarantee your child’s dust allergy can be cured right away. 


Besides keeping home clean with damp mop, seeing your family doctor and using a good mask whenever required; fighting a dust allergy needs comprehensive actions. To reduce household dust allergens, there are things that you can carry out. Sources of dust and dust collectors should be removed and then replaced with better options. You may change fabric curtains with shades which are simpler to clean. Avoid moist indoor environment by keeping humidity at a lower level (less than 55 percent).  In this case, you may apply a dehumidifier as well as vent fans in bathrooms and kitchen. Don’t forget to fix any water leakage.


Your child’s bedroom needs more consideration.  For the bed mattress, you may make use of the dust mite cover. Bedding linens and sheets should be changed regularly and washed in hot water. It’s suggested to replace carpet and rug from your child’s bedroom with healthier floor choice such as hardwood flooring. Wooden floor cover is better at reducing dust on the surface and it’s much easier to clean.


Finding the right Stillwater hardwood floors to be installed in bedrooms isn’t hard for Stillwater, OK residents. With skilled flooring experts and installers, quality and affordable guaranteed products, this reliable floor store will handle and meet every flooring need. The right people at the right store will support you to provide your child with healthier ambiance and stunning new hardwood bedroom floor.


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