Jun 26, 2010

Choosing Modern Bathroom Vanities Tips

Choosing Modern Bathroom Vanities Tips  -If your home’s style is a modern one; you should read this. When buying furniture for your modern homes, consider these: practical, minimalistic, and space-saving. This time, it will focus about bathroom at your home.
Modern bathroom vanities

Bathroom vanities are the center in your bathroom. If your bathroom is already looking dull, replacing your old vanities with the stylish one will make a big difference to your bathroom look. You can get vanities in various sizes and kinds, but you have to pick the one that's just right. At present, modern bathroom vanities usually have following features:

1.Minimalistic. Go for simple one-color or bordered finishes, clean and simple lines.

2.Transparent. Glass is "in" in a big way. Your vanity could have a glass paneled door, or even a glass sink.

3.Small. If you have a small bathroom, make sure that it's friendly for emergency access. Wall-mounted vanities let you access a lot of floor space, while serving as storage units as well.

4.Vessel sinks. Vessel sinks are mounted on top of the vanity rather than embedded into it. While glass vessel sinks can look stunningly contemporary, stone vessel sinks in a variety of finishes - marble, malachite, granite etc - can serve as a pleasing vintage-y contrast to your ultra-modern bathroom.

5.Adventurous faucets. Today, faucets come in stainless steel, bronze, chrome, nickel and even black finishes. Beautifully crafted in thousands of designs, they let you choose from knobs to levers to automatic infrared detection. They may be wall mounted as well as attached to your vanity.

6.Storage space. Modern homes need storage space. A classy bathroom vanity can let you store your towels and bathrobes as well as cosmetics without looking ugly.

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