Jun 28, 2011

Making the Most of Your Pool Area

If you have the luxury of owning a pool then you should make the most of it and spend some time and money making your whole pool area look fantastic. Rather than just having a pool create an area where your friends and family are going to want to sit and relax, where you can entertain and also have an area that is visually appealing to look at. A pool will greatly increase the value of your property and with a little extra effort you can have the whole area looking perfect. A pool supplies store will have great ideas for improving the look of your pool area.


Having a garden planted around your pool can improve the look of the whole area. What you plant will be determined by the climate that you live in, the type of soil and also your taste. In a warm tropical climate you can create a tropical oasis with palms, ferns and large leafy plants. Plant some exotic flowers and even think about creating a rock pool or waterfall. In a cooler climate you could have a cottage garden and plant borders around the edge of your pool, whether with box hedges or lavender bushes. In a drier area there are many attractive native plants that grow well or you might just want to have a large area of lawn, which is great for relaxing on beside the pool.


By law you are required to have a fence around your pool, and one that complies with the Australian safety standards. When you think of fencing don't just limit yourself to one of the tradition safety fences with the metal bars. You could choose a see through glass fence so you have an unspoiled view or if you have a tropical garden you could erect a thatched fence. If your pool runs along a boundary fence a brick wall is a good idea, as long as it reaches the correct height to meet with the safety standards.

Pool house

A lovely addition to your pool area is a pool house. You can buy kit buildings that work out cheaper, or have an architect draw up plans for an individually styled pool house. Your pool house could have a shower and toilet, perhaps a games area, a bar and house a stereo system. You would certainly be able to throw some great pool parties with this added entertainment area.


Having some sort of shade around your pool area is a good idea, particularly as it is not a good idea to lie outside sun baking. You might want to incorporate a barbecue area around the veranda, and set up your outdoor furniture in the shade.


You will need some sort of paving around your pool, otherwise you will find that a lot of dirt and grass will end up in the water. There is a wide variety of different paving stones or tiles to choose from, or you might just want to concrete the area. If you have children you might want to think about having a non-slip surface.

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