Jun 24, 2011

Home Decoration Ideas (2)

Chalkboard Wine Boxes

Marry Black gave the idea. Have a wooden wine box at your home? You can change it into this unique storage. On one side, add the chalkboard paint. Use this side to label the box content.

Fabric-Covered Pots

It could be your favorite craft. Pretty fabric can modify a little Mod Podge becoming a beautiful pot. Christine Chitnis has made lots of these.

Cheery Children’s Table and Chairs

You can make this cheery table and chairs by yourself. Follow Belinda Graham instructions. Use Japanese masking tapes to create thin strips on the table and seat tops. Then you cover it in a clear sheet of contact paper. Beautify more the table by painting the frames with super-glossy black paint.

Bold Fabric Wall Art

Wall art mustn’t be expensive. Check out the creation of Jessica Jones. She made this punchy fabric piece on a shoestring. Turning a piece of fabric into wall art was a simple and smart solution. Do you like it?

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